April 26, 1877, Argentine, Michigan.

September 3, 1967, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.

Calvary Cemetery, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.


Grimes was the first child of Stephen and Ada Potter Atherton, and had seven brothers. In 1900, she married broom maker Elliot Grant Grimes in Vernon, Michigan. She had a stepdaughter, Corabelle Grimes Shorden, one son, Leon Elliot Grimes, and an adopted daughter, Mary Patricia Green Jacobs. She became a writer at an early age, and worked as an editor for the Southern Agriculturist magazine in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to writing, she was an accomplished pianist and a music teacher. In 1920, she and her son Leon worked for Dr. William Fewkes of the Smithsonian Institute, exploring the Anasazi Indian ruins at Mesa Verde, Colorado. In later years, she formed her own business, Writer’s Aid, whereby she took a writers’ manuscripts and corrected and prepared them for submission for publication.

  1. Christ a Wondrous Work Has Given You
  2. Go Carry His Love to the Hearts of Men
  3. God Made a Garden to Rest
  4. He Hath Given Us the Word
  5. I Can Look Across the Valley of the Shadow
  6. I Do Not Know How Jesus Came to Set My Life Apart
  7. I Know the Lord Has Mercy
  8. I Want to Live That I May Learn
  9. In Heaven There Dwells a Mighty King
  10. Little While to Watch, and Wait, and Wonder, A
  11. Live in Sunshine
  12. Once a Tempest Was Raging on Galilee
  13. One Day at a Time God Gives Us the Year
  14. Sounds of Battle Ring upon the Air
  15. Spend One Hour with Jesus
  16. Steady and True in the Upward Way
  17. Teach Me Thy Will, O Lord
  18. There Is Shelter at the Cross
  19. This World Is Not a Place for Gloom
  20. We Are Heralds of the Master
  21. When Waves of Sin Had Drifted Me
  22. With Armor Bright
  23. Wondrous Their Mystery