Circa 1720–1768

October 29, 1768, Walthamstow, Essex, England.

The son of poor parents, Grigg originally trained as a mechanic. In 1743, he became assistant minister to Thomas Bures at the Presbyterian Church on Silver Street in London. Upon Bures’ death in 1747, Grigg retired from the ministry and, marrying a lady of property, took up residence at St. Albans.

Grigg reportedly wrote over 40 hymns. His works include:

In addition, D. Sedgwick published Grigg’s collected hymns and poems in 1861.

  1. At Jacob’s Well a Stranger Sought
  2. Behold, a Stranger at the Door
  3. Jesus, and Shall It Ever Be
  4. Shake, Britain, Like an Aspen Shake