1849, Wetumpka, Alabama.

Griffin moved to Texas around age 20. In 1869, she married J. R. Griffin, who as of 1885 was superintendent of public schools in Belton, Texas. She began to write poetry early, and published her first poem, Haunted, at age 15.

It seems likely this author is Theodosia Medora Johnson Griffin, who died in 1923 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Waco, Texas.

  1. Be Guiding Me
  2. Be Still, My Heart, and Wait
  3. Beautiful Robe, The
  4. Beneath the Shadow of Thy Wing
  5. Except Ye Repent
  6. Float Down the River of Time
  7. Following On
  8. From over the Tide
  9. Glad Tomorrow, The
  10. He Hath Heard My Cry
  11. Jesus for You Is Pleading
  12. Just over the River Are Palaces Grand
  13. Keep Me, Keep Me by Thy Side
  14. Land That’s Far Away, The
  15. Leave Thy Burdens
  16. Let It Pass (arranger)
  17. Love Ye One Another
  18. Lord Is Near, The
  19. Nearing My Home
  20. O Heart, What Is It Makes Thee Stay?
  21. O See the Bird on Airy Wing
  22. On the Banks of That Bright River
  23. Pray for Your Boy Tonight
  24. Rejoice and Be Glad
  25. Remember the Savior
  26. Rest
  27. Save, Lord, Save
  28. There Is Joy, There Is Joy
  29. Though He Slay Me
  30. Was It in Vain?