Oc­to­ber 28, 1859, So­mer­set, Ohio.

De­cem­ber 27, 1942, Mer­cy Hos­pi­tal, Co­lum­bus, Ohio.

Lu­ther­an Ce­me­te­ry, So­mer­set, Ohio.

Minnie was the daugh­ter of Lew­is C. Grein­er and Al­vi­na Hess, and wife of Da­vid J. Ed­ing­ton (mar­ried May 30, 1900, Per­ry Coun­ty, Ohio).

In 1900 and 1920 the Ed­ing­tons were in Cam­bridge Ward in Guern­sey County, Ohio. Da­vid died in 1928. In 1935 and 1940, Min­nie was liv­ing with a sis­ter and bro­ther in So­mer­set Vil­lage, Ohio.

  1. All That Thou Hast Is the Gift of the Lord
  2. Art Thou Wea­ry of Thy Sins?
  3. As Birds to the Moun­tains
  4. Bells in the Stee­ple Are Chim­ing, The
  5. Busy Lit­tle Glean­ers We
  6. By Ked­ron’s Wa­ters
  7. Carol, Ca­rol, Ca­rol
  8. Children’s Day
  9. Come, Ye Who Love the Child­ren’s King
  10. From East to West We Hear a Joy­ous Shout
  11. Hallelujah, Shout Aloud, Ye Sons of Men
  12. He Rests, up­on His Pal­lid Brow
  13. How Ju­bi­lant and Clear They Ring
  14. I Shall See Him in His Beau­ty
  15. I Will Walk with Him in His Gar­den Fair
  16. Is It Well with Thy Soul?
  17. Jesus Died and Lives Again
  18. Jesus Is My Shep­herd
  19. Jesus Is Seek­ing
  20. Jesus Is Ten­der­ly Call­ing To­day
  21. Knocking, Gent­ly Knock­ing
  22. Lift No More the Wail­ing Cry
  23. Lift Up Your Voic­es
  24. Little While, A
  25. Lo in the Light I Am Walk­ing
  26. Not Far from the King­dom of Light and Joy
  27. O, Christ Is the Shep­herd So Ten­der
  28. O Christ­mas Bells, Ring Out!
  29. O Hap­py Bells of East­er­tide
  30. O Praise the Lord, His Name Adore
  31. O Sto­ry Sweet
  32. O Won­der­ful, Won­der­ful Tid­ings
  33. Praise the Lord of Hea­ven
  34. Remember Thy Cre­at­or
  35. Soldiers, True and Loy­al
  36. Song by the Cry­stal Sea, The
  37. Sweetly the Sav­ior Speaks
  38. There Is Joy Among the An­gels
  39. ’Tis Child­ren’s Day
  40. Unto My Fa­ther’s House on High
  41. We Are Bu­sy Lit­tle Glean­ers
  42. We Love to Read the Bi­ble
  43. Welcome, Ho­ly Morn­ing
  44. When Je­sus to Je­ru­sa­lem
  45. With Joy Now Hast­en We
  46. Ye Hap­py Bells

Min­nie’s pho­to