April 15, 1849, New York.

March 2, 1916, Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Charles was the son of Francis D. & Angelina Green, and husband of Abigail Frances Blaisdell. He played the organ at the First Presbyterian Church in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and later moved to the Pine Street Methodist Church and became a Methodist Episcopal pastor.

Rev. Charles F. Green, aged 70 years, founder and head of the Memorial mission, died Sunday morning as his residence,15 West Canal Street. He was eminently successful in mission work and eventually devoted his life to mission work in places which did not appeal to the churches of the city. About 20 years ago he founded the Memorial mission which is now located at 337 West Jefferson Street, and the closing years of his life were closely knit with his mission which he served faithfully and made successful.

Gazette Bulletin
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
March 6, 1916

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