19th Century

We have lit­tle da­ta on Gre­go­ry. Fol­low Where Jesus Lead­eth was copy­right­ed by the Eu­re­ka Pub­lish­ing Com­pany in 1909.

  1. City Foursquare, The
  2. Glory Land Road, The
  3. Home, Beautiful Home
  4. I’ll Sail Away Home
  5. It Is Then My Soul Is Satisfied
  6. Tell the Lost Ones of His Love
  7. There Will Come a New Day
  8. There’s a Gentle Voice That’s Calling
  9. There’s Only One That Knows My Sorrow
  10. We Will Sing the Story as We Go
  11. We’re Marching On
  12. You May Look for Me, for I’ll Be There
  1. Follow Where Jesus Lead­eth