March 17, 1821, Kings­ville, Ohio.

1895, Ten­nes­see.

Adelia was the daugh­ter of phy­si­cian Dan­iel M. Spen­cer and Mar­i­an T. Cook, and wife of Zuing­li­us Cal­vin Graves, pre­si­dent of the Kings­ville Acad­e­my (where she taught draw­ing and French), and lat­er pre­si­dent of Ma­ry Sharp Col­lege, Win­che­ster, Ten­nes­see.

Adelia showed her gift for po­et­ry ve­ry young, writ­ing vers­es as ear­ly as age nine.

She served at Ma­ry Sharp Col­lege first as a pro­fess­or of La­tin and Belles-Lettres, then as Ma­tron and Pro­fess­or of Rhe­tor­ic. She con­trib­ut­ed po­ems and sto­ries to var­i­ous per­i­o­di­cals, and for a num­ber of years ed­it­ed the Child­ren’s Book.

  1. Annunciation, The
  2. He Giv­eth His Be­loved Sleep
  3. John Has Lost It
  4. Prayer for the New Year
  5. Thanksgiving Song
  6. Why Stand Ye Here Idle?