March 1, 1859, Birm­ing­ham, Il­li­nois.

Au­gust 25, 1931, Greens­bo­ro, Geor­gia.

Wes­ley Cha­pel Ce­me­te­ry, Greens­bo­ro, Geor­gia.


Frank was the son of Da­vid Gra­ham and Lu­cin­da Mill­er, and hus­band of El­la R. Roof.

Ordained a Wes­ley­an (Me­tho­dist) min­is­ter, he served as Dis­trict Su­per­in­ten­dent in north­ern Geor­gia from around 1895 to about 1915. He was one of the foun­ders of what is now South­ern Wes­ley­an Un­i­ver­si­ty at Cen­tral, South Ca­ro­li­na.

His works in­clude:

  1. Accepted I Am, and Washed in the Blood
  2. But Now I’m Re­deemed
  3. Dear Bro­ther, Take Cour­age, and Keep in the Race
  4. God’s Great Re­demp­tive Plan
  5. Hear the Sweet Mes­sage of Par­don for All
  6. How Fleet­ing Are the Years of Time
  7. I Am Look­ing for That Day When the Trum­pet
  8. I Am Of­ten Made to Won­der
  9. I Oft­en Think of Cal­va­ry
  10. I Oft­en Think of Pre­cious Souls
  11. I Read in God’s Word of a Won­der­ful Day
  12. If You’ll Lis­ten to My Sto­ry
  13. I’m Glad I Have Changed
  14. I’m Go­ing Home Where Je­sus Is
  15. I’m Go­ing to a Home
  16. I’m Long­ing for Home
  17. I’m Sanc­ti­fied Now
  18. I’m So Glad to Tell You
  19. In Ev­ery Town and Ci­ty
  20. I’ve Been Re­deemed
  21. I’ve Found a Friend I Love So Well
  22. I’ve Friends Up in Hea­ven
  23. I’ve Heard of a Ci­ty
  24. I’ve Seen Some Ho­nest Souls
  25. I’ve Tra­veled Through Life
  26. Let Oth­ers Go the Way They Choose
  27. Long I Wan­dered on in Sin
  28. Missionary Band, The
  29. My Heart That Once Was Sto­ny
  30. My Sav­ior Has Gone to Pre­pare Me a Place
  31. My Sav­ior Left His Home Above
  32. O Can It Be Some Mo­ther’s Boy
  33. O Come, Ye Wea­ry Souls
  34. O So Ma­ny, Ma­ny Sin­ners
  35. O Soon Will Our Sav­ior Be Call­ing
  36. O Think of That Day
  37. O Think of the Home Ov­er There
  38. O, Turn Ye to Je­sus
  39. O What Would You Do?
  40. O Where Will You Stand?
  41. Old Ac­count Was Settled, The
  42. Once a Vile Sin­ner
  43. Once I Had a Pre­cious Mo­ther
  44. Out in the World, Li­ving in Sin
  45. Over Jor­dan
  46. Preacher Was Preach­ing How Mo­ses of Old, The
  47. Sinners May Scorn
  48. Some Peo­ple Say, I’ve Been Con­vert­ed
  49. Somebody’s Mo­ther
  50. Sometimes the Way Is Dark and Drea­ry
  51. Sometimes the Way May Look So Drea­ry
  52. Songs for Je­sus, Sweet Songs That Are True
  53. There Were Ten Wait­ing Vir­gins
  54. There’s a Home Far Away
  55. This World Is Like a Man
  56. Though We May Sow with Tear­ful Eyes
  57. Three Thou­sand Years Ago
  58. Traveler to the Judg­ment
  59. We Are Lit­tle Song­birds
  60. We Are Tra­vel­ing to Our Home
  61. What a Ga­ther­ing of the Saints
  62. When First I Heard of Ho­li­ness
  63. When Je­sus Comes
  64. While in a Good Praise Meet­ing
  65. Why Will You Go Down to Dark Des­pair?
  66. Won’t You De­cide for Je­sus?
  1. Arnhem
  2. I’ll Ne­ver For­get It
  3. Mil­e­ti­na
  4. Where They Ne­ver Grow Old

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