July 23, 1856, Williamstown, Massachusetts.

January 2, 1927, Zion City, Illinois.

Mount Olivet Memorial Park, Zion, Illinois.


Orphaned at age 9, Graves was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 14. At age 21, he moved to Nobles County, Minnesota, and it appeared for a while that his seizures had stopped. Grateful for having been healed, he began to serve the American Sunday School Union. He studied the Bible and music in Chicago, Illinois, and Northfield, Massachusetts. Upon return to Minneapolis and hearing evangelist John Alexander Dowie, Graves experienced permanent healing, which provided a backdrop for his Gospel songs. Later, he moved to Zion City, Illinois, where he lived the rest of his life. All of his children attended the Central Bible Institute in Springfield, Missouri. Graves himself was ordained an Assemblies of God minister in 1918. His works include:

  1. Are You Ready to Meet the Bridegroom?
  2. Beautiful Land Beyond the Sky
  3. Behold! He Cometh!
  4. Blessed Jesus, Kind and Tender
  5. Brother, Are You Troubled in Your Heart Today?
  6. Confidence
  7. Fed upon the Finest of the Wheat
  8. From Jerusalem to Jericho
  9. Hark, the Heav’nly Voices Sing
  10. He Was Nailed to the Cross for Me
  11. He Is Despised
  12. Hear Ye the Message That Jesus Has Given
  13. He’ll Never Forget to Keep Me
  14. Ho, Everyone That Thirsteth
  15. Honey in the Rock
  16. How Much Is Our Life Like the Ocean
  17. Hungry, Lord, for Thy Word of Truth
  18. In Times When the Flesh Is So Weak and Frail
  19. It Is Just Like Him
  20. Jesus Is Keeping Me
  21. Lord, Thy Pitying Eye Can See
  22. Lord, We Come with Morning Songs
  23. Memories of Childhood
  24. Morning Song
  25. Moved by Love
  26. My Father Has Many Dear Children
  27. My Song in the Night
  28. O My Brother, Do You Know the Savior?
  29. Our Father in Heaven, in Our Weakness We Bow
  30. Power of God, The
  31. Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice for the Lord Is Coming
  32. Resting My Case
  33. Room for All
  34. There’s a Dear Old Home in the Valley
  35. They Came to That City
  36. This World Is Just a Meeting Place
  37. Toiling All Night, but with Nothing to Show
  38. Wait on God
  39. What a Wonderful, Wonderful Savior
  40. When Abraham and Sarah Had Promised Them a Son
  41. When Out on Life’s Ocean
  42. Who Are Invited to the Kingly Feast
  43. Who’ll Go Rockaway, Byeloland
  1. Come Home
  2. Going Home to Glory
  3. Lleida