March 17, 1821, Kingsville, Ohio.

1895, Tennessee.

Daughter of physician Daniel M. Spencer, Adelia, showed her gift for poetry very young, writing verses as early as age nine. She married Zuinglius Calvin Graves, president at the time of the Kingsville Academy (where she taught drawing and French), and later president of Mary Sharp College, Winchester, Tennessee. She served at the college first as a professor of Latin and Belles-Lettres, then as Matron and Professor of Rhetoric. She contributed poems and stories to various periodicals, and for a number of years edited the Children’s Book.

  1. Annunciation, The
  2. He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
  3. John Has Lost It
  4. Prayer for the New Year
  5. Thanksgiving Song
  6. Why Stand Ye Here Idle?