Circa 1833-?

Circa 1833, London, England.

February 24, 1833, St. John the Baptist Church, Shoreditch, London.

As of 1881, Grantham was Vicar of Llanbadoc, Monmouthshire, Wales. Some of his work appeared in Carols for Use in Church, by Richard Chope (London: William Clowes & Sons, 1894).

  1. Angel Hosts in Bright Array
  2. Arouse Thee, Herod
  3. As Mary Walked in the Garden
  4. Be Hushed, Ye Earth
  5. Christ! for Thee, with Sorrow
  6. Christmas Bells Are Ringing, The
  7. Deep the Gloom
  8. In the Star of Morning
  9. Lo! God Is Gone Up
  10. Moonbeams Are Streaming
  11. Near the Tomb Where Jesus
  12. Now Sing We a Strain of Joy
  13. Now Sound the Harp and Strike
  14. O! Come Ye Down to Cana
  15. Pearly Gates Aside Are Rolled, The
  16. Rich Gold from the Earth
  17. Rhyme, a Rhyme for Easter, A
  18. Shine Calm and Bright, Ye Moonbeams Light
  19. Shout of Mighty Triumph, A
  20. Song and a Carol for Christmastide, A
  21. When the Crimson Sun Had Set
  22. Winter Sun Was Setting, The
  1. Grantlam