1770, New Bern County, North Carolina.

December 6, 1807, Sumner County, Tennessee.

After a period of desperate depression, Granade came to Christ in 1800 at a Presbyterian camp meeting at Desha’s Creek, Sumner County, Tennessee. Ordained a Methodist circuit riding preacher, Granade was referred to by the Nashville Banner as the wild man of Goose Creek (Sumner County, Tennessee) and was also variously known as the poet of the backwoods and the Wild Man of Holston. Granade worked in part in the world of shape-note singing in the Shenandoah Valley, where a variety of musical sources, both sacred and profane, were at play. His works include:

  1. All Hail, All Hail, Methinks I Hear
  2. All Ye That’s Seeking Jesus’ Face
  3. Arise and Shine, O Zion Fair
  4. Arise, O Zion, Rise and Shine
  5. Behold a Pilgrim as He Dies
  6. Behold, Before the Eternal Throne
  7. Come All My Brethren in the Lord
  8. Come, All My Dear Brethren, Draw Near
  9. Come, All My Partners in Distress
  10. Come, All Ye Mourning Pilgrims Dear
  11. Come, Good Lord, with Courage Arm Us
  12. Gospel Sun Is Mounted High, The
  13. Hail, God the Father, Eternal Light
  14. Hail, God the Father, Glorious Light
  15. Hail, God the Father, Heavenly Light
  16. Hark, Listen to the Trumpeters
  17. I Love Thee
  18. I Walked Forth One Morning Fair
  19. Let Thy Kingdom, Blessed Savior
  20. My Soul, Come, Meditate the Day
  21. My Soul’s Full of Glory
  22. O Do Not Be Discouraged
  23. O Jesus, My Savior, to Thee I Submit
  24. Poor Zion Lies in Sore Distress
  25. Salvation in Sweet Purling Streams
  26. See How the Scriptures Are Fulfilling
  27. Son of Man They Did Betray, The
  28. Sweet Rivers of Redeeming Love
  29. What Sound Is This Salutes Mine Ear?
  30. Winter Is Past and the Rain Now Is O’er, The
  31. Ye Children of Jesus, That’re Bound for the Kingdom
  32. Ye Children of Zion Who Are Aiming for Glory
  33. Ye Happy Souls, Whose Peaceful Minds
  34. Ye Little Flock, Despised Few
  35. Ye Soldiers of Jesus
  36. Ye Weary Heavy Laden Souls
  37. Yonder See the Lord Descending