August 12, 1813, London, England.

April 7, 1905, Brockport, New York.

Manlius Village Cemetery, Manlius, New York.

Son of John and Anne Greenwood Graley, at age 19, Graley and an older brother sailed from Liverpool, reaching New York City after a five week voyage. He worked as a cobbler for several years, then at age 25 made a public confession of faith in the Presbyterian Church at Wampsville, New York, and gave himself to Christian ministry. He studied at the Hamilton Academy, then entered Princeton Seminary in 1840. In June 1843, he married Alley Maria Van Eps at Geneva, New York; she died three months later. Graley was licensed September 4, 1844, by the Presbytery of Onondoga (later Syracuse) and ordained on Christmas Day, 1844.

Graley served as pastor of the Congregational Church at Lenox, New York, until June 12, 1856. While there, he married his second wife, Margaret Ann Dies (died 1860). He went on to serve churches in Pompey Hill, New York (1857-63); Trinity Presbyterian Church, Manlius, New York (1863-69); Medina, New York (1869-70); Knowlesville, New York (1870-72), and was state supply and mission at Clarkson, New York (1872-78). He then retired, and lived in Clarkson until 1903, when he moved to Brockport, New York.

His wife Margaret died while they were in Pompey, leaving him with five small children. When he left Pompey, he took with him as his third wife, Catherine Melita Jerome of Pompey (died 1891). He is said to have written words or music for 150 hymns. His works include:

  1. All Is Well, All Is Well, for My Savior Is My Friend
  2. Arm, Soldiers, Arm
  3. As the Birds in Shady Wildwood
  4. Awake, Arise, Why Sleepest Thou?
  5. Be the Matter What It May
  6. Beautiful Morning Star
  7. Believe It, Dear Children, That Now Is the Time
  8. Bethlehem Song, The
  9. Bound for a Home in the Goodly Land
  10. Brethren at the Mercy Seat
  11. Christ Is Born, and Heaven Rejoices
  12. Come Boys, Come Girls, Won’t You Volunteer?
  13. Come Seek the Shade
  14. Come to the Sabbath School
  15. Come Where the Wild Flowers Grow
  16. Dear Children, Heed the Shepherd’s Call
  17. Dear Jesus, My Shepherd, I Would in Thy Fold
  18. Don’t Think There Is Nothing for Children to Do
  19. Down the Stream of Life They Glide
  20. Faithful Shepherd, Meek and Mild
  21. Flowers of the Garden
  22. Go to the Mercy Seat
  23. Gone, Gone, Loved One, Gone from Our Home
  24. Happy New Year to Thee, Father, A
  25. Hark, ’Tis the Trumpet of Liberty Sounding
  26. Hasten to Calvary’s Mountain
  27. His Voice No More I Disregard
  28. Home, Dear Home, We Never Can Forget
  29. Home of the Blest, The
  30. Hosanna to the Son of David
  31. How Can I Be a Happy Child?
  32. How Small Are the Dewdrops
  33. How Sweet Are the Flowers
  34. I Am but a Little Child, and of Frolic Full
  35. I Know There’s a Crown for the Saints of Renown
  36. I Love a Little Child with His Sparkling Eye
  37. I Want to Love My Savior
  38. I’d Rather Be a Child of God
  39. If You Would Find Salvation
  40. I’m but a Pilgrim Here Below
  41. In Mansions Bright the Glorified Behold
  42. In Thy Childhood’s Sunny Morning
  43. Jesus, Be Near Me
  44. Jesus, How Can I but Love Thee?
  45. Jesus My Savior, Set Up Thy Throne
  46. Jesus, My Song Shall Be, O How He Loves
  47. Jesus, Savior, Friend Divine
  48. Jesus Sought and Saved Me When a Wandering Child
  49. Jesus Welcomes, When They’ve Crossed the River
  50. Let Us Daily Better Grow
  51. Let Us Work for the School with Our Hearts
  52. Little Child May Do Much Good, A
  53. Lo the Angel Band Descending
  54. Mother Dear, I’m Happy Now
  55. My Country, I Cherish Thee Still
  56. Never Mourn if Pain Or Loss
  57. Now Ever the Sunny Morn
  58. No Gaudy Glories Crown Thy Head
  59. No Longer at Ease Will I Slumber
  60. Now, Ere the Sunny Morn of Life Is O’er
  61. Now While the Heart’s Warm
  62. O Come, Let Us Sing to the Praise of the School
  63. O, Come to the Savior, Dear Children
  64. O Remember the Sabbath School
  65. O Say Not That the Christian Life
  66. O the Green Grass Waves
  67. O There Is a Beautiful City
  68. O There Is a Fountain That Never Is Dry
  69. O Think Not, Dear Children, Because You Are Young
  70. O Turn, Sinner, Turn to Thy Father and God
  71. O What Are the Sorrows That Burden?
  72. O Why Do I Find It So Hard to Do Right?
  73. O Why Will You Seek for a Portion Below?
  74. O’er the Flowing River
  75. Oh, Won’t You Be a Christian?
  76. Old, Old Year with Its Joys, The
  77. Once I Wandered on the Mountain
  78. Over the Mountains, Barren and Cold
  79. Press on Little Pilgrims and Never Give Up
  80. Prophets and Sages with Rapture
  81. Round the Throne in Glory
  82. Saints Above with Joy Beheld, The
  83. Send the Tidings of Salvation to the Heathen
  84. Shall We Meet in Heaven Above
  85. Strike, Strike Your Bright Harps
  86. Sun Shines Bright, and It Pours Its Light, The
  87. Sweetly Ringing Hear the Sabbath Bell
  88. There Came An Hour When All My Pride
  89. There Is a Rose Whose Beauties Grace
  90. There’s a Beauty in the Sunshine
  91. There’s a Bright Unfading Crown
  92. There’s Beauty in the Sunshine
  93. They Are Gone to the Land o’er the River
  94. This Life Is a Race, and Brief Is the Space
  95. This World Is Not My Home, I Know
  96. This World’s a Wilderness, and Dangers Cluster
  97. ’Tis the Sweet Spring Time
  98. To Toil and Pray in Heathen Lands
  99. Valleys and the Mountains, The
  100. Walk in the Narrow Way
  101. We Are Homeward Bound
  102. We’re Marching to the Camp Above
  103. We’re Passing Along to Our Home in the Skies
  104. When Chasing the Phantoms
  105. When Grove and When Garden Have
  106. When Jesus, the Meek, and the Lowly, Was Here
  107. When Many to the Savior’s Feet
  108. When o’er Us Waves of Trouble
  109. When Panting Neath the Heavy Cross
  110. When We Are Twenty One Boys
  111. Winter’s Reign Is Over
  112. Would You Be a Christian Child?
  113. Wouldst Thou Save the Wanderer?
  114. Youthful Pilgrims, Whither Bound?
  115. Youthful Sinner, Though Less
  1. St. Euphrasia

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