March 1, 1859, Birmingham, Illinois.

August 25, 1931, Greensboro, Georgia.

Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Greensboro, Georgia.


Frank was the son of David and Lucinda Graham, and husband of Ella R. Roof. Ordained a minister in the Wesleyan (Methodist) Church, he served as District Superintendent in northern Georgia from around 1895 to about 1915. He was one of the founders of what is now Southern Wesleyan University at Central, South Carolina. His works include:

  1. Accepted I Am, and Washed in the Blood
  2. But Now I’m Redeemed
  3. Dear Brother, Take Courage, and Keep in the Race
  4. Hear the Sweet Message of Pardon for All
  5. How Fleeting Are the Years of Time
  6. I Am Looking for That Day When the Trumpet
  7. I Am Often Made to Wonder
  8. I Am Praising God for His Redemptive Plan
  9. I Often Think of Calvary
  10. I Often Think of Precious Souls
  11. I Read in God’s Word of a Wonderful Day
  12. If You’ll Listen to My Story, I Will Tell You
  13. I’m Glad I Have Changed
  14. I’m Going Home Where Jesus Is
  15. I’m Going to a Home, Far Up Above the Sky
  16. I’m Longing for Home, My Mansion Above
  17. I’m Sanctified Now and Washed in the Blood
  18. I’m So Glad to Tell You
  19. In Every Town and City
  20. I’ve Been Redeemed, All Glory to the Lamb
  21. I’ve Found a Friend I Love So Well
  22. I’ve Friends Up in Heaven
  23. I’ve Heard of a City with Streets of Pure Gold
  24. I’ve Seen Some Honest Souls
  25. I’ve Traveled Through Life and Seen
  26. Let Others Go the Way They Choose
  27. Long I Wandered on in Sin
  28. My Heart That Once Was Stony
  29. My Savior Has Gone to Prepare Me a Place
  30. My Savior Left His Home Above
  31. O Can It Be Some Mother’s Boy
  32. O Come, Ye Weary Souls
  33. O So Many, Many Sinners
  34. O Soon Will Our Savior Be Calling Us Homeward
  35. O Think of That Day
  36. O Think of the Home Over There
  37. O, Turn Ye to Jesus
  38. O What Would You Do if Jesus Should Now Come?
  39. O Where Will You Stand When the Trumpet Is Calling?
  40. Old Account Was Settled, The
  41. Once a Vile Sinner, Now I’m a Pilgrim
  42. Once I Had a Precious Mother
  43. Out in the World, Living in Sin
  44. Over Jordan
  45. Preacher Was Preaching How Moses of Old, The
  46. Sinners May Scorn
  47. Some People Say, I’ve Been Converted
  48. Somebody’s Mother, Praying Tonight
  49. Sometimes the Way Is Dark and Dreary
  50. Sometimes the Way May Look So Dreary
  51. Songs for Jesus, Sweet Songs That Are True
  52. There Were Ten Waiting Virgins
  53. There’s a Home Far Away
  54. This World Is Like a Man That’s Drunk on Wine
  55. Though We May Sow with Tearful Eyes
  56. Three Thousand Years Ago
  57. Traveler to the Judgment
  58. We Are Little Songbirds
  59. We Are Traveling to Our Home
  60. What a Gathering of the Saints
  61. When First I Heard of Holiness
  62. When Jesus Comes All Shining and Bright
  63. While in a Good Praise Meeting
  64. Why Will You Go Down to Dark Despair?
  65. Won’t You Decide for Jesus?
  1. Arnhem

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