1805, Southborough, Tonbridge, Kent, England.

November 28, 1877, Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire, England.

Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire, England.

A businessman and Methodist lay preacher, Gough lived in London for some years. His works include:

  1. Awake, Awake, O Zion
  2. Be Thou Faithful Until Death
  3. Blessed Are the Dead Who Die
  4. Chafed and Worn from Worldly Care
  5. Christ Is Risen from the Dead
  6. Come, Children, and Join with Ardor Divine
  7. Come to Bethlehem and See
  8. For All Thy Saints in Heaven and Earth
  9. Gentlest Lamb of Jesu’s Fold
  10. God the Father, Full of Grace
  11. Ho, Every One That Thirsteth
  12. How Beauteous on the Mountains
  13. In Thy Temple We Adore Thee
  14. Jesus, Full of Love Divine
  15. Joyful Morn Is Breaking, The
  16. Lift the Gospel Banner
  17. O Jesus, Behold the Lambs of Thy Fold
  18. Quicken, Lord, Thy Church and Me
  19. Sing We Merrily to God
  20. There Is a Land of Rest
  21. There Is No Condemnation
  22. Uplift the Blood-Red Banner