1514, Besançon, France.

August 28, 1572, Lyons, France. He was killed in the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre of the Huguenots, and his body thrown into the Rhone River.


Goudimel began writing music while attending the University of Paris. In 1551, he went to work as a proofreader for printer Nicolas du Chemin. He eventually became du Chemin’s music editor and partner for the next four years. Over the next decade, Goudimel wrote numerous masses, Magnificats, and motets, and harmonized the Genevan Psalter. He moved to Metz around 1557, and lived there about 10 years. He became a Huguenot around 1560.

  1. Berlin
  2. Cantique de Siméon
  3. Cantique de Zacharie
  4. Chigwell
  5. Dawn