After graduating from Oberlin College, Ohio, Goodenough served 35 years as a missionary in Natal, South Africa, with her husband. Copyright records indicate Goodenough was living in Rochester, Massachusetts, in 1931. Her works include:

  1. All Earth Belongeth unto God
  2. As a Bird to Yonder Mountain
  3. As Eyes of Servants Wait on Masters Here Below
  4. As Fair Jerusalem Is Walled
  5. As Incense on Thine Altar, Lord
  6. As Pants the Hart for Water Brooks
  7. Be Merciful to Us, O God
  8. Behold, We Die, We Perish
  9. Beloved, Now We Are Sons of God
  10. Bless Ye the Lord, Ye Servants of the Lord
  11. Blessed Are the Courts of Worship
  12. Blessed Is He Whose Guilt Is All Forgiven
  13. Blest Are the Undefiled in the Way
  14. Blest Is the Man Who Walketh Not
  15. But the God of All Grace
  16. Children of Those Who Love the Lord
  17. Clap Your Hands, All Ye People
  18. Come We Now Our King to Praise
  19. Common Bush Afire for God, A
  20. Deliver Me from Evil Men
  21. Early Will I Seek Thee
  22. Enter Not in Judgment with Me
  23. Except the Lord Build the House
  24. Fool Hath Said Within His Heart, The
  25. For Every Spire Whose Finger Points Above
  26. For Me, for Me, Within This Lonely Glen
  27. Forsake Me Not, O Lord, My God
  28. Fret Not Thyself
  29. From the Rising of the Sun
  30. Full Long My Soul Hath Dwelt with Him
  31. Give Ear, O Shepherd of Israel
  32. Give Thanks to God, So Great and Wise
  33. Give to the Lord, Ye Mighty Ones
  34. Glory and the Beauty of God, The
  35. God Be Praised for Nights and Sundays
  36. God Hath Done Wondrous Things
  37. God Hath Heard My Supplications
  38. God Hear Thee in the Day of Trouble
  39. God Is a Very Present Help
  40. God Is Greatly to Be Praised
  41. God, Who Hast Crowned Our Lives with Love
  42. God’s My Light and My Salvation
  43. God’s Name Is Great in Israel
  44. Hail Thee, Thou Favored Land of Palestine
  45. He Hath Borne Our Sorrows
  46. He That Dwelleth in the Secret Place
  47. He Walks Among the Churches Still
  48. Hear Me When I Call, O God
  49. Hear My Parable, Ye Children
  50. Hear the Promise of the Spirit
  51. Hear Thou My Meditation
  52. Heavens God’s Glory Doth Declare, The
  53. Help, Lord, for the Godliness Doth Seem
  54. Hold Not Thy Peace, O God of My Praise
  55. How Blest Is the Man Who Considers the Poor
  56. How Excellent in All the Earth
  57. How Goodly Are Thy Tents, O Jacob
  58. How Happy the People Whose God Is the Lord
  59. How Long Shall Over Me Exult
  60. How Sweet Is the Sound of the Bird’s Song
  61. I Have Laid Help upon One That Is Mighty
  62. I Must Have the Smile of Jesus
  63. I Poured My Sorrow Out to God
  64. I Shall See Him, but Not Now
  65. I Waited Patiently for God
  66. I Wanted to Be Busy
  67. I Will Extol My God and King
  68. If It Had Not Been the Lord That Was on Our Side
  69. If Thou Lord Shouldst Mark Iniquities
  70. I’ll Bless the Lord Continually
  71. I’ll Extol Thee, O God
  72. I’ll Follow Jesus, My Beloved Lord
  73. I’ll Praise the Lord with All My Heart
  74. I’m a Little Soldier of the King
  75. I’m Here but for Today
  76. I’m Like a Green Olive in the House of My God
  77. In the Caravan That Treasure Laden
  78. In the Time of My Trouble
  79. In Thee I Put My Trust
  80. In Thy Multitude of Tender Mercies
  81. Instinctively My Heart Doth Turn
  82. Is the Hand of the Lord Waxed Short
  83. Israel, Thou Peculiar Treasure
  84. Jerusalem Is Laid in Heaps
  85. Jerusalem, Thou Glorious Name
  86. Jesus Christ Hath Died for Me
  87. Judge Me, O Lord, for I Have Walked
  88. Keep Not Thou Silence
  89. King Shall Joy in Thy Strength, O Lord, The
  90. Let Earth Rejoice and Let the Isles Be Glad
  91. Let God Arise in Judgment
  92. Let Them That Love Him Rise with Joy
  93. Like the Precious Ointment
  94. Lo, the Battle Clash of Darkness
  95. Lord, Be Not Silent unto Me
  96. Lord Bowed the Heavens and Came Down, The
  97. Lord Hath Chosen Zion, The
  98. Lord, How Are They Increased That Trouble Me
  99. Lord, I Come for My Daily Bread
  100. Lord Is Clothed with Majesty, The
  101. Lord Is on My Side, I Will Not Fear, The
  102. Lord, My Heart Is Not Haughty
  103. Lord’s My Shepherd on My Side, The
  104. Lord of the Harvest Doth Cry to the Reapers, The
  105. Lord, Rebuke Me Not in Thine Anger
  106. Lord Said unto My Lord, The
  107. Lord, Thou Hast Been Our Dwelling Place
  108. Lord, Thou Hast Promised to Supply My Need
  109. Lord, Thou Hast Proved and Tried My Heart
  110. Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me Through and Through
  111. Lord, Who Is He Who Shall Abide?
  112. Make a Joyful Noise to God
  113. Make Haste to Help Me, O My God
  114. Man’s Inhumanity to Man
  115. Mighty God from Rising Sun, The
  116. Mighty Shall His Seed Be in the Earth
  117. My Beloved Has Come to His Garden
  118. My Heart Is Fixed, O God on Thee
  119. My Heart Is Inditing a Good Matter
  120. My Jesus, to Thy Circling Arm
  121. Night and Storm Were upon My Heart
  122. Not unto Us O Lord, but unto Thee
  123. O Come and Worship at the Feet of Him
  124. O Come, Let Us Sing to the Mighty God
  125. O Consecrate Thyself Today
  126. O Give Thanks unto the Lord
  127. O God Thy Wondrous Works
  128. O God, Why Hast Thou Cast Us Off for Ever?
  129. O Hear, Inhabitants of Earth
  130. O How Sweet My Precious Savior
  131. O Let Me Hear the Voice of One
  132. O Lord God of My Salvation
  133. O Lord, in Thee I Put My Trust
  134. O Lord, Make Me to Know Mine End
  135. O Praise My Soul the Living God
  136. O Praise the Lord Ye Nations
  137. O Save Me By Thy Strength, O God
  138. O Seek the Lord and His Strength
  139. O Sing to the Lord of All the Earth
  140. O That the Salvation of Israel
  141. O the Bitter Words and Cruel
  142. Of Old Hast Thou Laid the Foundation of the Earth
  143. Of the Corn of the Threshing Floor
  144. On the Solemn Feast Day, Harp and Timbrel Ring
  145. Our Feet Shall Stand Within Thy Gates
  146. Our God Is a Consuming Fire
  147. Peace of the Heart, Its Only Rest
  148. Pilgrim, Knocking Late and Lone
  149. Plead Thou My Cause, O Lord, My God
  150. Praise the Lord from the Heavens
  151. Praise Waiteth for Thee, Gracious Lord
  152. Praise Ye the Lord, Who Ruleth Everywhere
  153. Praise Ye the Lord, Ye Saints of His
  154. Preserve Me, Thou Who Art My Lord
  155. Rejoice in God, All Ye Whose Hearts Are Right
  156. Revive Us Again, O God of Our Salvation
  157. Rise, O Thou Who Dost Inherit Every Nation
  158. Savior, to Thee I Bring My Little Cup
  159. See, the Solemn Light Is Dawning
  160. Send Out Thy Truth and Light
  161. Serve the Lord with Gladness
  162. Since Father Rules in Love
  163. Stranger in a Foreign Land, A
  164. Sweet Is Thy Fellowship
  165. Thank God for Clouds
  166. That Blessed Reign Is Coming Soon
  167. That the Trial of Your Faith
  168. Waters Deep O Lord My God, The
  169. There Is a God Who Judgeth
  170. There Is a Little Low Place of Rest
  171. There’s a Deep Content in Jesus
  172. There’s a Mighty River Flowing
  173. There’s a Wondrous City Building
  174. There’s to Us a Banner Given
  175. They That Sow in Tears Shall Reap in Joy
  176. Thy Hand Doth Press Me Sore, O Lord
  177. Thy Mercy, Lord, Is in the Heavens
  178. ’Tis in the Pregnant Dusk of the Dawn
  179. ’Tis Not for My Transgression
  180. ’Tis Pleasant and Comely to Praise Our God
  181. To Thee, O Lord, I Lift My Soul
  182. To Thee We Bring Our Thanks, O Lord
  183. Truly My Soul Doth Wait upon Jehovah
  184. Under Thy Wings O God I’m Sweetly Resting
  185. Unto the Everlasting Hills
  186. We Have Heard with Our Ears, O Lord
  187. What Hath God Wrought
  188. What Heavy Stripes Were Laid on Thee
  189. What Time I Am Afraid, and Enemies Are Nigh
  190. When Battle’s Clang Is Ended
  191. When from Old Egypt Israel Went
  192. When I Am Given Grace to Pour
  193. When Israel Went from Egypt
  194. When My Heart Is Overwhelmed Within Me
  195. When We Come to Know the Story
  196. Where Is the Burden of Sin That Lay
  197. Who Are These That Are Arrayed in White Robes?
  198. Who Shall Show Forth All the Praises?
  199. Why Do the Heathen Rage?
  200. Why, O My God, Hast Thou Forsaken Me?
  201. Why Standest Thou Afar, O Lord?
  202. Why Standest Thou All the Day?
  203. Wings of a Dove, The
  204. With All My Heart Among His People
  205. Within My House with Perfect Heart
  206. Wonderful Tale Do the Ages Unfold