Ap­ril 2, 1762, Buckingham, Eng­land.

Ap­ril 15, 1816, Stockwell, Surrey, Eng­land.

Rector’s vault, St. Ann, Blackfriars, Eng­land.

Goode received his early education first in Buckingham, then under Thomas Palmer Bull, a Dissenting minister at Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire. Having a strong inclination to the ministry, he left his father’s business and, in 1780, entered Magdalen Hall at Oxford (BA 1784, MA 1787).

On taking Holy Orders in 1786, he became Curate of Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire; then of St. Ann, Blackfriars; and subsequently Rector of the latter, adding thereto one or two lectureships.

Goode’s interest in foreign missions took a practical turn in his helping found the Church Missionary Society. His works in­clude:

  1. Come, Ye Saints, Behold and Wonder
  2. Crown His Head with Endless Blessing
  3. Far as the Isles Extend
  4. Great Jehovah, We Adore Thee
  5. Happy Is the Man, Whose Mind
  6. Hear Me, O God, My Voice Attend
  7. Hear Me, O God! When Near Thy Throne
  8. Hear My Prayer, Jehovah, Hear
  9. How Blest Are They Whose Are Pure
  10. How Blest the Man with Mercy Crowned
  11. If the Lord Had Not Heard, May Israel Now Say
  12. Jehovah Reigns, Your Tribute Bring
  13. Jesus Demands the Voice of Joy
  14. Jesus, the Lord, Descends on High
  15. Jesus, with Thy Sal­va­tion Blest
  16. Let Thy Grace, Lord, Make Me Lowly
  17. Lo in Gethsemane’s Dark Shade
  18. Lo the Lord Jehovah Liveth
  19. Lo the Lord, the Mighty Savior
  20. Lo! The Mighty God Appearing
  21. Lord, I Delight to Find My Place
  22. Lord, How My Numerous Foes Increase
  23. Lord Is Judge, Before His Throne, The
  24. Lord, Let Our Vigorous Sons Be Seen
  25. Lord of Mercy, Just and Kind
  26. Lord Shall Hear My Humble Prayer
  27. Lord, Thy Church Hath Seen Thee Rise
  28. No Offering God Requires
  29. None Can Preserve His Brother’s Breath
  30. Now Let Our Songs Arise
  31. O Lord, Our Lord, in Power Divine
  32. O My God, by Thee Forsaken
  33. Oft Have Our Ears, Great God, Been Taught
  34. Praise Jehovah’s Name Forever
  35. Praise We Jehovah’s Name
  36. Praise Ye Jehovah’s Name
  37. Prepare a New Song Jehovah to Praise
  38. Sing to the Lord Our God
  39. Songs Anew of Honor Framing
  40. Thou Gracious God and Kind
  41. Thou Great Instructor, Lest I Stray
  42. Thou Sinners Boldly Join
  43. Thou, the Lord, My Fount of Light
  44. When Guilt Lies Heavy on the Land
  45. When My Cries Ascend to Thee
  46. Whene’er the Morning Rays Appear
  47. Who Shall Our Troops to Victory Lead?
  48. Who Shall Reach the Heights?
  49. Why, O Sinner, Me Profaning
  50. Why Should Thy Face, Where Mercies Dwell
  51. With Songs of Grateful Praise