Ap­ril 2, 1762, Buck­ing­ham, Eng­land.

Ap­ril 15, 1816, Stock­well, Sur­rey, Eng­land.

Rec­tor’s vault, St. Ann, Black­fri­ars, Eng­land.

Goode re­ceived his ear­ly ed­u­ca­tion first in Buck­ing­ham, then un­der Tho­mas Palm­er Bull, a dis­sent­ing min­is­ter at New­port Pag­nell, Buck­ing­ham­shire.

Hav­ing a strong in­cli­na­tion to the min­is­try, he left his fa­ther’s bu­si­ness and, in 1780, en­tered Mag­da­len Hall at Ox­ford (BA 1784, MA 1787).

On tak­ing Ho­ly Or­ders in 1786, he be­came cur­ate of Ab­bots Lang­ley, Hert­ford­shire; then of St. Ann, Black­fri­ars; and sub­se­quent­ly rec­tor of the lat­ter, add­ing there­to one or two lec­ture­ships.

Goode’s in­ter­est in for­eign mis­sions took a prac­ti­cal turn in his help­ing found the Church Mis­sion­a­ry So­ci­e­ty.

His works in­clude:

  1. Come, Ye Saints, Be­hold and Won­der
  2. Crown His Head with End­less Bless­ing
  3. Far as the Isles Ex­tend
  4. Great Je­ho­vah, We Adore Thee
  5. Happy Is the Man, Whose Mind
  6. Hear Me, O God, My Voice At­tend
  7. Hear Me, O God! When Near Thy Throne
  8. Hear My Pray­er, Je­ho­vah, Hear
  9. How Blest Are They Whose Hearts Are Pure
  10. How Blest the Man with Mer­cy Crowned
  11. If the Lord Had Not Heard, May Is­ra­el Now Say
  12. Jehovah Reigns, Your Trib­ute Bring
  13. Jesus De­mands the Voice of Joy
  14. Jesus, the Lord, Des­cends on High
  15. Jesus, with Thy Sal­va­tion Blest
  16. Let Thy Grace, Lord, Make Me Low­ly
  17. Lo in Geth­se­ma­ne’s Dark Shade
  18. Lo the Lord Je­ho­vah Liv­eth
  19. Lo the Lord, the Migh­ty Sav­ior
  20. Lo! The Migh­ty God Ap­pear­ing
  21. Lord, I De­light to Find My Place
  22. Lord, How My Nu­mer­ous Foes In­crease
  23. Lord Is Judge, Be­fore His Throne, The
  24. Lord, Let Our Vi­go­rous Sons Be Seen
  25. Lord of Mer­cy, Just and Kind
  26. Lord Shall Hear My Hum­ble Pray­er
  27. Lord, Thy Church Hath Seen Thee Rise
  28. No Of­fer­ing God Re­quires
  29. None Can Pre­serve His Bro­ther’s Breath
  30. Now Let Our Songs Arise
  31. O Lord, Our Lord, in Pow­er Divine
  32. O My God, by Thee For­sak­en
  33. Oft Have Our Ears, Great God, Been Taught
  34. Praise Je­ho­vah’s Name For­ev­er
  35. Praise We Je­ho­vah’s Name
  36. Praise Ye Je­ho­vah’s Name
  37. Prepare a New Song Je­ho­vah to Praise
  38. Sing to the Lord Our God
  39. Songs Anew of Hon­or Fram­ing
  40. Thou Gra­cious God and Kind
  41. Thou Great In­struct­or, Lest I Stray
  42. Thou Sin­ners Bold­ly Join
  43. Thou, the Lord, My Fount of Light
  44. When Guilt Lies Hea­vy on the Land
  45. When My Cries As­cend to Thee
  46. Whene’er the Morn­ing Rays Ap­pear
  47. Who Shall Our Troops to Vic­to­ry Lead?
  48. Who Shall Reach the Heights?
  49. Why, O Sin­ner, Me Pro­fan­ing
  50. Why Should Thy Face, Where Mer­cies Dwell
  51. With Songs of Grate­ful Praise