William Golding

Jan­u­a­ry 28, 1878, Webster County, Mississippi.

May 13, 1934, in a traffic accident near Eupora, Mississippi.

Spring Valley Cemetery #2, Mathiston, Mississippi.


William was the son of James and Camella Hood Golding (his surname changed later).

It is said he wrote most of his songs while serving an eight-year sentence in the state penitentiary. His only child reportedly died young.

  1. Beautiful Life, a
  2. How Happy We’ll be, When Jesus We See
  3. I Am Crossing the Stream
  4. I Am on the Road That My Savior Trod
  5. I Praise the Lord for Saving Grace
  6. I Was Strolling One Day in a Lonely Graveyard
  7. If Your Soul Has Been Redeemed
  8. I’ll Sing a Song in Jesus’ Name
  9. In the Dawning of the Morning
  10. Let Your Light Shine
  11. My Time Will Come
  12. Once a Blind Man Heard the Story
  13. One by One, Loving Friends Are Going
  14. Softly the Gentle Breezes Blow
  15. Sometime I’ll Hear My Savior’s Voice
  16. There’s a Beautiful Mansion
  17. There’s a Bridge That Spans the River
  18. There’s a Rose That Blooms for Me
  19. To Canaan’s Land I’m on My Way
  20. We Are Sailing o’er the Ocean
  21. We Are Told of a Book
  22. When in Death You See Me Sinking
  1. Aksim

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