De­cem­ber 23, 1829, Lei­ces­ter, Eng­land.

March 16, 1889, Not­ting­ham, Eng­land.

Frederic was the son of Bap­tist min­is­ter Jo­seph Goad­by, and bro­ther of Fred­er­ic Goad­by.

He stu­died for the min­is­try at the Bap­tist Col­lege, Lei­ces­ter, and at Glas­gow Un­i­ver­si­ty (BA 1856).

He was suc­cess­ive­ly pas­tor of Bap­tist church­es in Co­ven­try, Lon­don and Der­by. In 1873, he was ap­point­ed Pre­si­dent of Chil­well Col­lege (lat­er named the Not­ting­ham Bap­tist Col­lege).

Goadby con­trib­ut­ed ma­ny pa­pers to news­pa­pers, re­views, and oth­er per­i­od­i­cals, and pub­lished sev­er­al ser­mons and ad­dresses de­liv­ered on pub­lic oc­cas­ions, 1860–81. In 1884, he pub­lished Rev­e­la­tion, Its Na­ture and Rec­ord, trans­lat­ed from the Ger­man of Ewald.

  1. Band of Maid­en Pilg­rims, A
  2. Forward, Gos­pel Her­alds
  3. God of the Earth and Sky
  4. Morn Awakes, and Wood­lands Ring
  5. O God, Who Art Through All the Years
  6. O Thou, Whose Ho­ly Love
  7. Prince of Life, En­throned in Glo­ry
  8. Shepherd of Is­ra­el, Je­sus Our Sav­ior
  9. When the Day of Life Is Dawn­ing