Late 19th Century

Glenn’s works in­clude:

  1. Beautiful Home by Faith I Can See, A
  2. Blessed Are They That Do His Com­mand­ments
  3. Brightly Gleams the Gos­pel Ban­ner
  4. Come and Seek Thy Bless­ed Sav­ior
  5. Come, Com­rades, Join Our Song Tonight
  6. Crown in Hea­ven You Shall Wear, A
  7. Dear Jesus, Make Me Whol­ly Thine!
  8. Does Jesus Love Lit­tle Child­ren?
  9. Ever to the Right, Boys
  10. Guide Me, O My Bless­ed Sav­ior
  11. Hark, the Voice of Jesus Call­ing
  12. Ho, My Reap­ers, the Morn­ing Is Dawn­ing
  13. How Oft We Meet
  14. I Am Bound for That Bright and Hap­py Land
  15. I Am Go­ing Home By and By
  16. I Am Think­ing To­night of My Old Cot­tage Home
  17. I Am Wait­ing for the An­gels
  18. I Am Watch­ing, I Am Wait­ing for the Com­ing
  19. I Love to Think of the Child­ren
  20. I Will Sing of Je­sus’ Love
  21. I’m One Day Near­er My Crown in Glo­ry
  22. In That Home Ov­er There
  23. I’ve Been Re­deemed Through Blood of the Lamb
  24. Jesus Bore the Shame and Scorn
  25. Judg­ment Is Coming, The
  26. Lead Me Safe­ly on by the Nar­row Way
  27. Let Us Work, Let Us Work
  28. Master Calls Us to the Har­vest Field, The
  29. Now the Bells Are Ring­ing
  30. O I Long to Go Home
  31. O What a Good Time There Will Be
  32. O I Love to Think of My Dear Sav­ior
  33. See the Dark Clouds Are Break­ing
  34. She’s Gone to the Land of Ely­si­an
  35. Sinner, Sin­ner, Je­sus Died for Thee
  36. Stay, Wea­ry Child, Thy Sav­ior Calls
  37. Still There’s Room for Oth­ers
  38. Take Our Hands in Thine, Dear Fa­ther
  39. There Is a Foun­tain Ev­er Flow­ing
  40. There Is a Land of Pro­mise
  41. There Is No One That Car­eth Like Je­sus
  42. There’s a Home Far Away
  43. ’Tis Sweet to Sing
  44. ’Twas on a Beau­ti­ful Sab­bath Day
  45. Up, Friends of Je­sus
  46. We Are March­ing Home
  47. We Now Must Sing Our Part­ing Song
  48. We Shall Meet Again
  49. We’ve a Cap­tain True and Tried
  50. When Je­sus Was up­on the Mount
  51. When the Mas­ter Call­eth, Will Your Soul Be Rea­dy?
  1. Fountain of Peace, The
  2. Lead Me Safe­ly On
  3. Round the Throne in Glo­ry
  4. Sand Hill Road