Early 20th Century

We have little data on Givens. We suspect he might be John Wesley Tyler Givens (1870–1967), who is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Rationale:

  1. The grave in Fair­view Cemetery is of a Ba­ptist minister. Dying Millions first appeared in a song book published by the Amer­i­can Bap­tist Pub­lish­ing Society.
  2. The Ken­tuc­ky Museum Library has an online record for John Wes­ley Ty­ler Giv­ens, listing hymns as one of the subjects covered in the collection.
  3. The tombstone in Fair­view Cemetery has an additional name, Ed­win Giv­ens (1898–1928) (a son?), described as a Gos­pel singer.
  4. A John W. T. Givens read from a poem he wrote, at closing exercises held January 30, 1933, in the chapel of Bethel College, Russellville, Kentucky.
  1. Dying Millions