February 10, 1819, Bristol Road, Birmingham, England.

March 4, 1906, Grove Park, Lewisham, London, England.

Gill’s parents belonged to English Presbyterian families which had become Unitarian in their doctrine. He was educated at King Edward VI Grammar School under Dr. Jeune (later Bishop of Peterborough). He left the school in 1838, and would have gone to Oxford, but was prevented by his hereditary Unitarianism (long since given up), which forbade subscription to the Articles of the Church of England then necessary for entrance to the University. This constrained him to lead the life of an isolated student, in which he gave himself chiefly to historical and theological subjects. He wrote over 200 hymns total.

  1. Ah, Tremblers, Fainting and Forlorn
  2. Ah! Wherefore Fall My Tears So Fast!
  3. Alas the Outer Emptiness
  4. Alas These Pilgrims Faint and Worn
  5. Alone with Thee, with Thee Alone
  6. And Didst Thou, Lord, Our Sorrows Take?
  7. Behold the Everlasting Son
  8. Break, Newborn Year
  9. Bright Presence! May My Soul Have Part
  10. Bright Thy Presence When It Breaketh
  11. Day Divine! When Sudden Streaming
  12. Dear Lord and Master Mine
  13. Dear Lord, Thou Art Not Sorry
  14. Dear Lord, Thou Bringest Back the Morn
  15. Dear Lord, Thy Light Thou Dost Not Hide
  16. Do We Only Give Thee Heed
  17. Embrace Your Full Salvation
  18. Farewell, Delightful Day
  19. Father, Glorious with All Splendor
  20. Father, Thou Hast Not on Me
  21. Full Many a Smile, Full Many a Song
  22. Glory of the Spring How Sweet!, The
  23. Happy Fields, the Heavenly Host, The
  24. He Who Suns and Worlds Upholdeth
  25. How Can I, Lord, Abide with Thee?
  26. How, Lord, Shall Vows of Ours Be Sweet?
  27. I Think of Thee, My God, by Night
  28. Is Earth Too Fair, Is Youth Too Bright?
  29. Is Not My Spirit Filled with Thine
  30. Let Bolder Hearts the Strife Require
  31. Lift Thy Song Among the Nations
  32. Lord, Am I Precious in Thy Sight
  33. Lord, Comes This Bidding Strange to Us?
  34. Lord, Dost Thou Ne’er Thy Servants Bless?
  35. Lord, from Thee, What Grace and Glory
  36. Lord, from These Trembling Souls of Ours
  37. Lord God, by Whom All Change Is Wrought
  38. Lord God of Old, Who Wentest
  39. Lord, if Our Dwelling Place Thou Art
  40. Lord, in This Awful Fight with Sin
  41. Lord, in Thy People Thou Dost Dwell
  42. Lord, Thou Hast Been Our Dwelling Place
  43. Lord, Thou Wouldst Have Us Like to Thee
  44. Lord, Thy Gracious Voice Hath Spoken
  45. Lord, When I All Things Would Possess
  46. Lord, When We Come at Thy Dear Call
  47. May We Not, Father, Meetly Mourn?
  48. Methought My Soul Had Learned to Love
  49. My God, I Do Not Flee from Thee
  50. My God, My Majesty Divine
  51. Not, Lord, Thy Ancient Works Alone
  52. Not Yet I Love My Lord
  53. Not Yet, Ye People of His Grace
  54. O Dreadful Glory That Doth Make
  55. O Height That Doth All Height Excel
  56. O Holy Ghost, Who Down Dost Come
  57. O Mean May Seem This House of Clay
  58. O Mystery of Love Divine
  59. O Not Alone in Saddest Plight
  60. O Not to Fill the Mouth of Fame
  61. O Not upon Our Waiting Eyes
  62. O Saints of Old, Not Yours Alone
  63. O Smitten Soul That Cares and Conflicts Wring
  64. O Spirit, Sweet and Pure
  65. O Time, Ne’er Resteth Thy Swift Wing
  66. O Wherefore Hath My Spirit Leave?
  67. O’er Fullness of Grace, Blest Britain Rejoice
  68. Our God, Our God, Thou Shinest Here
  69. Savior, Needs the World No Longer?
  70. Savior, Who from Death Didst Take
  71. Sweet Spirit, Would Thy Breath Divine
  72. Thy Happy Ones a Strain Begin
  73. Too Dearly, Lord, Hast Thou Redeemed
  74. Unto Thy Rest Return
  75. Walk with the Lord Along the Road
  76. We Come unto Our Fathers’ God
  77. We Triumph in the Glorious Grace
  78. We Would Not Dare Their Bliss to Mourn
  79. What Sweetness on Thine Earth Doth Dwell
  80. When Shall I, Lord, a Journey Take
  81. Whence This Flaming Joy That Maketh?
  82. Wherefore Faint and Fearful Ever
  83. With Sin I Would Not Make Abode
  84. Would the Spirit More Completely?
  85. Ye Children of the Father
  86. Ye of the Father Loved
  87. Ye People of the Lord, Draw Near
  88. Ye Souls for Whom the Savior Died
  89. Ye Souls, the Father’s Very Own