April 29, 1834, Boston, Massachusetts.

July 23, 1918, Rochester, New York.


Joseph was the son of New Hampshire Governor Joseph Albree Gilmore and Ann Whipple, and husband of Mary Josephine Parkhurst. He graduated in arts from Brown University, and in theology from Newton Theological Institution. From 1863-64, he was his father’s assistant while he was governor; during that period, he also edited the Concord, New Hampshire, Daily Monitor.

In 1865, Gilmore became pastor at the Second Baptist Church in Rochester, New York. He later pastored in Fisherville, New Hampshire. In addition, he directed the English Department at the University of Rochester, New York (1868-1908). He wrote six books, including:

  1. He Leadeth Me
  2. Jesus Is Here
  3. My Trembling Soul to Jesus Turned
  4. Our Savior, Jesus, and Our Lord
  5. We Dedicate to Jesus

Gilmore’s burial place