October 8, 1794, Boston, Massachusetts.

September 15, 1888, Washington, DC.

Unitarian Church Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina.


Caroline’s father was Boston shipwright Samuel Howard, one of the original Indians in the Boston Tea Party. She married Samuel Gilman in 1819 and moved with him to Charleston, South Carolina.

In 1832, she founded The Rose Bud, one of the first American weeklies for young people. It was renamed The Southern Rose Bud in 1833, The Southern Rose in 1835, and ceased publication in 1839. After her husband’s death in 1858, Gilman stayed in Charleston during the American civil war, and later lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, then in Tiverton, Long Island, New York.

Howard wrote several tales, ballads, and poems. Her works include:

  1. Cloud Flits o’er the Youthful Brow, The
  2. Glorious God Who Reigns on High, The
  3. Is There a Lone and Dreary Hour
  4. Sweet Hour of Holy, Thoughtful Prayer
  5. We Bless Thee for This Sacred Day
  6. Whole Broad Earth Is Beautiful, The