April 8, 1827, Nelson, New York.

October 14, 1905, Standing Stone, Pennsylvania.

Ivy Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The oldest of seven children, Lucia was the daughter of Universalist minister Edward Mott Woolley and Laura Smith. During her first years, the family moved around central New York. They lived on her grandparent’s retirement farm in Cazenovia for two years before moving to Munnsville where her father opened a leather shop. During the Panic of 1837 her father suffered reverses, so they moved back to the grandparent’s Cazenovia farm. Then in 1841 her father was called to the Universalist ministry in Bridgewater, New York.

In 1847, her father moved to Michigan, settling on a small farm about two miles west of Birmingham. Her father preached alternately in Pontiac and Birmingham while Fidelia took a teaching position in a district school.

In December 1850, where Lucia married local bachelor Hartson Gillette. In the early 1860s, the Gillette family moved into Rochester, a town of 500 people about 25 miles north of Detroit.

Lucia was licensed to preach in 1873, and was ordained in 1877. In 1888, she became the first ordained woman of any denomination settled in Canada (at the Universalist Church of Bloomfield, Ontario).

Lucia’s works include:

  1. Be True, Boys!
  2. Beautiful World, The
  3. Come to My Kingdom
  4. I Will Not Forget, Our Father Is True
  5. Jesus Leads Me Every Day