July 11, 1843, Yorkshire, England.

February 11, 1912, Church Home and Infirmary, Baltimore, Maryland.

Woodland Dell Cemetery, Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

At the age eight, Gill began working in a factory half time, attending school the other half. When he was 11 years old, his family emigrated to America, settling in Worcester, Massachusetts. He began working in a cotton factory, and was later apprenticed to a boot maker near Worcester. In March 1864, he entered the Academy at Wilbraham, Massachusetts, and in 1866 enrolled at Wesleyan University, graduating in 1870. Entering the ministry, he moved to Westboro, about 30 miles from Boston. In 1892, he became a Professor of Latin at the Pennsylvania State College, and later, professor of Greek and Latin, Dean of the School of Language and Literature, and college chaplain. He also helped found the Literary Club, a faculty organization at Pennsylvania State College. In 1902, Wesleyan University awarded him a Doctor of Divinity degree.

Gill’s wife was Lucy Eleanor Whitman.

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