April 20, 1805, Dartmouth, Devonshire, Eng­land.

June 24, 1875, Clapham Common, Wandsworth, London, Eng­land.

West Norwood Cemetery, London, Eng­land.

John was the son of William Giles and Elizabeth Pike. He married three times—to Ann Ledyard Evill, Ann Leese and Ellen Barnett.

Giles trained for the ministry at the Baptist College in Bris­tol. After presiding for a short time at Ha­ver­ford­west, he became in 1830 pastor of the church in Sal­ter’s Hall, London. Leaving there in 1836, he served in Leeds; Bris­tol; Shef­field; Rath­mines, Ire­land; and Clap­ham Com­mon, Lon­don.

In 1834, at the request of the Baptist Missionary Committee, he wrote a hymn to celebrate the emancipation of slaves, and contributed two other hymns to their 1842 Jubilee Collection. His prose works in­clude:

  1. Thou Hast Said, Exalted Jesus