June 28, 1848, Port­land, In­di­a­na.

Ju­ly 13, 1926, Se­at­tle, Wash­ing­ton.

Mount Hope Ce­me­te­ry, Lo­gans­port, In­di­a­na.


William was the husband of Nancy J. Booth.

He grew up in College Corners, Indiana (near Port­land), and served in the Army during the closing days of the American civil war. After the war, he attended Li­ber College, Jay County, Indiana, and studied law for two years.

While in college, he was a member of the college glee club, and took lessons in the college singing school. Later, he studied with teachers such as J. W. Suf­fern, George Root, Lu­ther Em­er­son, Hora­tio Pal­mer, and Hen­ry Per­kins.

Giffe had a fine baritone voice, and was in demand as a concert singer. He soon became popular as a chorus director and convention conductor. His first book for singing schools was New Favorite, which sold thousands of copies.

The Oliver Ditson Com­pa­ny of Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts, published many of his early works, but Giffe went on to form his own publishing house, the Home Music Com­pa­ny, in Logansport, Indiana. He also edited the Home Music Journal for several years.

Later, Giffe became supervisor of music in the public schools in his home town. And he was one of three men selected to deliver an address in Logansport, Indiana, at the memorial services for assassinated president William McKinley.

Giffe and his wife Nancy had no children. His works in­clude:

  1. All the Bells of Heav’n Go Ringing
  2. Are Your Lamps All Brightly Burning?
  3. By and by the Mists Shall All Be Cleared
  4. Cheer Up, Weary Heart
  5. Christian, Thy Night May Be Long
  6. Come, Let Us Sing of Fount and Spring
  7. Come, Ye Blessed of My Father
  8. Do We Follow Jesus Truly?
  9. Every One That Thirsteth
  10. Father, I Come to Thee, in My Humility
  11. Hark! Hear the Christmas Bells!
  12. I Am Looking Tonight at the Stars So Bright
  13. I Do Believe That Jesus Hears
  14. I Know That My Redeemer Lives
  15. I Love the Name of Jesus
  16. I Would Bathe in the Foun­tain of the Love of Jesus
  17. I’ll Not Give Up the Bible
  18. In Heaven Above, in That Land of Love
  19. In Peace I Lay Me Down and Sleep
  20. In the Lamb’s Book of Life That Is Kept
  21. In the Loving Care of Jesus
  22. Jesus Will Help You the Victory to Win
  23. Jesus, Wilt Thou Guard the Slumber?
  24. Like a Shepherd, His Flock He’ll Feed
  25. Lord of Life and Glory Knocks, The
  26. Nearer the Crystal Sea, Nearer Eternity
  27. Nearing the Crystal Sea
  28. New Pearls of Song for Jesus We Bring
  29. Night Has Let Her Sable Curtain Fall
  30. O Spirit of Song, Go Forth
  31. O Wonderful Place Where Jesus Prayed
  32. O Wonderful Prayer That Jesus Prayed
  33. Oh, I Love to Hear the Story
  34. Oh, the Coming of the King
  35. Onward and Upward
  36. Over Hill, Over Dale
  37. Ring, Glad Bells! Oh, Ring Your Joyful Lay!
  38. Send a Shout Along the Line
  39. Send Out the Life-Boat Across the Dark Wave
  40. She Is Waiting by the River
  41. Slowly Where the Winds Are Swelling
  42. Tell the Joyful Tidings Far and Wide
  43. There Is a Place I Love to Go
  44. There’s Sunshine and Love in My Soul Today
  45. They Tell Me of a Man of Old
  46. Tho’ We’re Tossed on Life’s Rough Ocean
  47. Under the Shadow of His Wing
  48. Up Above the Stars
  49. Way of the Lord Is Best, The
  50. We Are Almost Home
  51. We Are Children of a King
  52. We Are Marching Home to Zion
  53. We’ll Gather from the East
  54. We’ll Shout Aloud Through All the Land
  55. When the Last Farewell Is Spoken
  56. When the Last Gospel Message Is Told
  57. With a Song on Our Lips and a Prayer
  1. Tunguska
  2. Weary Not in Well Doing
  3. Wien