Felice Degiardino
© National Portrait Gallery

Ap­ril 12, 1716, Tu­rin, It­a­ly.

June 8, 1796, Mos­cow, Russ­ia.


De Giardini was a well known violinist, composer and director. He sang as a choir boy in Milan, Italy, and studied music in Turin. In the 1730s, he began playing the violin in orchestras, and toured Europe in the 1750s. He then moved from Italy to Lon­don, where he was involved with the opera. He also worked as music master for the Duke of Gloucester. In 1796, de Giardini moved to Moscow, but died in poverty shortly after. His works in­clude:

  1. Athens
  2. Blendon
  3. It­al­i­an Hymn
  4. Turin

Giardini’s burial place