October 24, 1857, Jonestown, Pennsylvania.

March 11, 1936, San Diego, California.

Son of Pennsylvania Dutch and Huguenot parents, Geistweit was educated at Shurtleff College (DD circa 1902). He held pastorates at Camden, New Jersey (1885–90); Minneapolis, Minnesota (1891–96); Galesburg, Illinois (1897–99); Chicago, Illinois (1900–06); Peoria, Illinois (1907–10); San Diego, California (1911–16); St. Louis, Missouri (1917–22); Dayton, Ohio (1923–29); and Alhambra, California (1932).

At age 14, Geistweit began work in a newspaper office to learn the printing business. For five of the ten years in this business, he managed the mechanical work on the Sunday School Times. He spent two years as general secretary of the Camden Association of the Young Men’s Christian Association. He was active in the organization and publications of the Baptist Young People’s Union of America, founded in Chicago in 1891, and served on its Board of Managers. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the Northern Baptist Convention (1912–19), and president of the American Baptist Publication Society (1923–24).

He wrote a few hymns published in two collections, Melodious Sonnets (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 1885) and Joyful Wing.

Geistweit’s works include:

  1. Little Boy Lay Down to Rest, A
  2. Blessed Savior, My Salvation
  3. Go and Preach the Blessed Gospel
  4. O Wondrous Love That Jesus Above
  5. Trusting in His Word
  6. Whenever We Meet
  1. Will You Go?
  2. Blessed Savior, My Salvation
  3. Go and Preach the Blessed Gospel