January 6, 1683, Gardelegen in the Altmark, Germany.

February 21, 1735, Berlin, Germany.


Gedicke’s father was Christian Gedicke, superintendent of Gardelegen. After completing theological studies at Halle under August Francke, Lampertus was for some time tutor in the orphanage at Halle, and then in a family at Berlin. Becoming an army chaplain, he was successively appointed chaplain to the Guards (1709), accompanying them on several expeditions; chaplain to the Wartensleben Regiment and garrison preacher at Berlin (1713); and Probst and inspector of all the garrison and regimental chaplains. He contributed two hymns to the Neu-vermehrtes geistreiches Gesang-Buch (Berlin: 1711).

  1. Entbinde mich, mein Gott, von allen meinen Banden
    • Deliver Me, My God, from All That’s Now Enchaining
  2. Wie Gott mich führt, so will ich gehn