September 13, 1874, Bradfield, Yorkshire, England.

November 10, 1946, London, England.

Son of minister Reginald Gatty, and nephew of composer Alfred Scott-Gatty, Nicholas attended Downing College, Cambridge (BA 1896, MusB 1898, MusD 1927), and the Royal College of Music, where he studied under Charles Stanford. During his musical career, he served as assistant conductor at Covent Garden, London; organist at the Duke of York’s Military School, Chelsea; music critic for the Pall Mall Gazette (1907–14); music correspondent for the London Times (over 20 years); and assistant editor of the Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians. He also composed operas, orchestral works, piano solos, and waltzes.

  1. Laetabundus
  2. Tugwood