Mrs. Merrill E. Gates

February 14, 1842, Rochester, New York.

December 17, 1905, Washington, DC.

Warsaw Cemetery, Warsaw, New York.

Gates was a descendent of Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island; daughter of William S. Bishop of Rochester, New York; and faculty member of Leroy Female Seminary. In 1873, she married Merrill E. Gates, Secretary to the U. S. Indian Commissioners and later president of Rutgers and Amherst Colleges. Mary belonged to the Woman’s Board for Foreign Missions of the Reformed Church in America (Dutch Reformed), and contributed to numerous periodicals, including The Independent, The Atlantic Monthly, The Christian Intelligencer, and The Youth’s Companion. Her other works include:

  1. From the Hills and from the Valleys
  2. Jesus, Now in Glory Dwelling
  3. Rise on the Shadowed Nations
  4. Send Thou, O Lord, to Every Place
  5. Thy Love to Me, O Christ

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