Ju­ly 24, 1805, Latch­ford, Che­shire, Eng­land.

June 11, 1884, Man­ches­ter, Eng­land.

Brook Street Un­i­tar­i­an Cha­pel, Knuts­ford, Che­shire, Eng­land.

William was the hus­band of Eliz­abeth Gaskell.

He was pa­stor of the Cross Street Cha­pel in Man­ches­ter, Eng­land, for ov­er five de­cades. Among oth­er things, he tu­tored girls who could not get an ed­u­ca­tion else­where. Cath­e­rine Wink­worth was among his stu­dents

  1. Calmly, Calm­ly
  2. Dark, Dark In­deed the Grave Would Be
  3. Darkness o’er the World Was Brood­ing
  4. Dark Were the Paths Our Mas­ter Trod
  5. Father, Glo­ry Be to Thee
  6. Father, Through­out the Com­ing Year
  7. Forth Went the Her­alds of the Cross
  8. How Long, O Lord, His Bro­ther’s Blood?
    • O Hush, Great God, the Sounds of War
  9. I Am Free, I Am Free, I Have Brok­en Away
  10. In Vain We Thus Re­call to Mind
  11. Mighty God, the First, the Last
  12. No More, on Earth No More
  13. Not in This Sim­ple Rite Alone
  14. Not on This Day, O God, Alone
  15. O Fa­ther, Hum­bly We Re­pose
  16. O God, the Dark­ness Rolls Away
  17. O God, to Thee Our Hearts Would Pay
  18. O God, Who Know­est How Frail We Are
  19. O Not to Crush with Ab­ject Fear
  20. Our Fa­ther! Through the Com­ing Year
  21. Press On, Press On, Ye Sons of Light
  22. Sleep Not, Sol­dier of the Cross
  23. Thanks, Thanks un­to God!
  24. Though Low­ly Here Our Lot
  25. Through All This Life’s Event­ful Road
  26. To Thee, the Lord Al­migh­ty
  27. Unto Thy Tem­ple, God of Love
  28. We Join to Pray, with Wish­es Kind
  29. We Would Leave, O God, to Thee
  30. When Arise the Thoughts of Sin