July 24, 1805, Latchford, Cheshire, Eng­land.

June 11, 1884, Manchester, Eng­land.

Brook Street Unitarian Chapel, Knutsford, Cheshire, Eng­land.

Gaskell was pastor of the Cross Street Chapel in Manchester, England, for over five decades. Among other things, he tutored girls who could not get an education elsewhere; Catherine Winkworth was among his students. Elizabeth Gaskell was his wife.

  1. Calmly, Calmly, Lay Him Down
  2. Dark, Dark Indeed the Grave Would Be
  3. Darkness o’er the World Was Brooding
  4. Dark Were the Paths Our Master Trod
  5. Father, Glory Be to Thee
  6. Father, Throughout the Coming Year
  7. Forth Went the Heralds of the Cross
  8. How Long, O Lord, His Brother’s Blood?
    • O Hush, Great God, the Sounds of War
  9. I Am Free, I Am Free, I Have Broken Away
  10. In Vain We Thus Recall to Mind
  11. Mighty God, the First, the Last
  12. No More, on Earth No More
  13. Not in This Simple Rite Alone
  14. Not on This Day, O God, Alone
  15. O Father, Humbly We Repose
  16. O God, the Darkness Rolls Away
  17. O God, to Thee Our Hearts Would Pay
  18. O God, Who Knowest How Frail We Are
  19. O Not to Crush with Abject Fear
  20. Our Father! Through the Coming Year
  21. Press On, Press On, Ye Sons of Light
  22. Sleep Not, Soldier of the Cross
  23. Thanks, Thanks unto God!
  24. Though Lowly Here Our Lot
  25. Through All This Life’s Eventful Road
  26. To Thee, the Lord Almighty
  27. Unto Thy Temple, God of Love
  28. We Join to Pray, with Wishes Kind
  29. We Would Leave, O God, to Thee
  30. When Arise the Thoughts of Sin