January 24, 1763, Jeinsen, Germany.

June 21, 1841, Herrnhut, Germany.

Son of a farmer, Garve was educated at the Moravian schools in Zeist, Holland, and Neuwied, at their Pädagogium at Niesky, and their seminary at Barby. In 1784 he was appointed as a tutor at Niesky, and in 1789 at Barby. But as his philosophical lectures were unsettling, he was sent in 1797 to arrange the documents of the archive at Zeist. After his ordination as diaconus of the Moravian church, he was appointed, in 1799, preacher at Amsterdam; in 1801 at Ebersdorf (where he was also inspector of the training school); in 1809 at Berlin; and in 1816 at Neusalza an der Oder (now Nowa Sól, Poland). Feeling the burden of years and infirmities, he left the active ministry in 1836 and retired to Herrnhut. His works include:

  1. Dein Wort, O Herr, ist milder Thau
  2. Geduld! Geduld! ob’s stürmisch weht
  3. God’s Word Is Like a Flaming Sword
  4. Hallelujah, Christus lebt
  5. O Vater der Gemeine
    • Father of All Created
    • O Father, We Adore Thee
  6. Sagt was hat die weite Welt
  7. Wer bin ich, Herr, in deinem Licht
  8. Zur Arbeit, winkt mir mein Beruf