October 1, 1874, St. Louis, Missouri.

February 6, 1969, Houston, Texas.

Son of Disciples of Christ minister James Harvey Garrison, Winfred earned degrees from Eureka College, Yale University, and the University of Chicago (PhD 1897). He became president of Butler University in 1904, but health concerns sent him west in 1906. There he served as a delegate to New Mexico’s constitutional convention, and president of New Mexico Normal University and New Mexico State University. He later moved to California, where he established a young men’s college preparatory school. Eventually he returned east, where he taught philosophy and religious history at the University of Chicago, and served as Dean of the Disciples Divinity House and literary editor of the Christian Century magazine (1923–55), and wrote many books. After 10 years of retirement, he answered a call to lead the University of Houston School of Philosophy, where he taught for 13 years into his late 80’s. His works include:

  1. God of Our Fathers, the Strength of Our People

Garrison’s burial place