February 2, 1842, near Ozark, Missouri.

January 5, 1931, Los Angeles, California.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, California.


In 1861 Garrison enlisted to fight in the American civil war. Wounded at the Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas, in March 1862, he avoided capture by Confederate forces and obtained life-saving medical treatment.

After the war, Garrison studied at Abingdon College, Abingdon, Illinois, and became affiliated with the Disciples of Christ. He was a pastor, publisher, missionary, and editor the rest of his life. He began his editorial career with J. C. Reynolds, working at The Gospel Echo, which eventually became the Christian-Evangelist, where he served as editor for 45 years.

Among his ventures was the founding of Garrison Park between Lake Michigan and Pentwater Lake. His reputation was so high that in 1909 he was chosen keynote speaker at the Centennial of the Disciples of Christ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In 1914 he sold his publishing company to R. A. Long and moved to Los Angeles, California. Garrison’s works include:

  1. God of Our Fathers, from Whose Hand
  2. What We Stand For