April 10, 1711, Puncheston, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

September 13, 1771, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales.


Son of the Vicar of Puncheston, Gambold was educated at Christ Church, Oxford (BA 1730, MA 1734). Taking Holy Orders, he became Vicar of Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire, around 1739. However, he resigned in October 1742 and joined the Moravian United Brethren, becoming one of their bishops in 1751. About 26 translations and 18 original hymns in the Moravian hymn books are assigned to him. A collected edition of his works was published at Bath in 1789. His other works include:

  1. O Tell Me No More of This World’s Vain Store
  2. Thrice Blessèd Ground
  1. Be Cheerful, Thou My Spirit Faint
  2. Eye Sees Water, Nothing More, The
  3. Go Forth, in Spirit God
  4. Holy Lamb and Prince of Peace
  5. How Amiable Thy Habitations Are
  6. Lamb Goes Forth and Bears the Guilt, A
  7. O Head So Full of Bruises
  8. O Jesu! ’Fore Whose Radiation
  9. O World! Attention Lend It
  10. Praise Be to That Almighty God
  11. Rejoice, Our Nature Christ Assumes
  12. Thank God! Towards Eternity
  13. Ye Bottomless Depths of God’s Infinite Love

Gambold’s burial place