Ap­ril 10, 1711, Pun­ches­ton, Pem­broke­shire, Wales.

Sep­tem­ber 13, 1771, Ha­ver­ford­west, Pem­broke­shire, Wales.


Gambold’s fa­ther was the vi­car of Pun­ches­ton.

He was ed­u­cat­ed at Christ Church, Ox­ford (BA 1730, MA 1734). Tak­ing Ho­ly Orders, he be­came vicar of Stan­ton Har­court, Oxford­shire, around 1739. How­ev­er, he re­signed in October 1742 and joined the Mo­ra­vi­an Unit­ed Breth­ren, be­coming a Mo­ra­vi­an bi­shop in 1751.

About 26 trans­la­tions and 18 orig­in­al hymns in the Mo­ra­vi­an hymn books are cred­it­ed to him. A col­lect­ed ed­i­tion of his works was pub­lished at Bath in 1789.

His oth­er works in­clude:

  1. O Tell Me No More of This World’s Vain Store
  2. Thrice Bless­èd Ground
  1. Be Cheer­ful, Thou My Spir­it Faint
  2. Eye Sees Wa­ter, Not­hing More, The
  3. Go Forth, in Spir­it God
  4. Holy Lamb and Prince of Peace
  5. How Am­i­a­ble Thy Ha­bi­ta­tions Are
  6. Lamb Goes Forth and Bears the Guilt, A
  7. O Head So Full of Bruis­es
  8. O Jesu! ’Fore Whose Ra­di­a­tion
  9. O World! At­ten­tion Lend It
  10. Praise Be to That Al­migh­ty God
  11. Rejoice, Our Na­ture Christ As­sumes
  12. Thank God! To­wards Eter­ni­ty
  13. Ye Bot­tom­less Depths of God’s In­fi­nite Love

Gambold’s bur­i­al place