January 23, 1881, Hiram, Texas.

June 3, 1937, Oakville, Tennessee.

Edmondson Cemetery, Southaven, Mississippi.

James was the son of Samuel Henry Gaines, and husband of Laurel Life. In 1900, he was living in Kauffman, Texas. He worked with the Trio and/or Quartet Music Companies in Waco, Texas, and married Laurel Life around 1904. Their daughter Mia was born in Texas around 1906, and their son Charles Life Gaines in Missouri around 1907. The family moved to Tennessee by World War I, when Gaines was drafted for military service. After the war, he ran a music publishing company in Memphis, Tennessee. His works include:

  1. Although All My Friends Forsake Me
  2. Are You Preparing the Savior to Meet?
  3. As I Travel on My Journey
  4. As the Sunlight Shines
  5. Before Thy Throne, Dear Lord
  6. Blessed Savior Ever Knows, The
  7. Close to the Cross of Jesus
  8. Come, Let Us Praise Our Redeemer
  9. Come with Rejoicing, for the Lord Is Risen
  10. Deep Was My Soul Beneath the Great Debt
  11. Enter the Harvest Field
  12. Following Jesus
  13. For the Soul That Is Redeemed
  14. For You, Dear Sinner, the Savior Came
  15. Garden of Beulah, The
  16. Gathered Together at Home
  17. Glorious Gospel of Peace and Love
  18. Glory Songs Were Echoed on the Earth
  19. Go and Tell to Every Nation
  20. Go at the Dawn of the Morning
  21. Go Forth and Tell the Story
  22. Hand That Can Save Is Reaching, The
  23. Harvest Field Is Ripe and Ready, The
  24. He Will Save You
  25. Hear the Savior Calling
  26. Hold His Banner High
  27. I Am Anchored in My Redeemer’s Love
  28. I Am Clinging to the Cross of My Crucified Lord
  29. I Am Glad That I Came to the Savior
  30. I Am Going Over Yonder
  31. I Am Going to a Home Where No Sorrows
  32. I Am on the Road to Heaven
  33. I Am So Happy, for Jesus
  34. I Am Waiting at the Cross of My Blessed Lord
  35. I Am Walking in the Highway of My Blessed King
  36. I Have a Home All Bright and Fair
  37. I Have Faith That’s Firm in the Crucified
  38. I Have Started on My Journey to the Glory Land
  39. I Want to Hear the Message
  40. I Want to Live, Dear Lord, for Thee
  41. I Want to Live for Jesus
  42. I Want to Live in That City
  43. If You Believe the Promise of Jesus
  44. I’ll Understand
  45. I’m Living Near My Blessed Lord
  46. I’m Trusting in Jesus to Lead
  47. In a City with the Angels Fair
  48. In the Palace of My King
  49. In This Weary Land Below
  50. I’ve a Song of Gladness Ringing
  51. I’ve Entered the Service of My Blessed Lord
  52. Let the Banner Be Unfurled
  53. Lord Is King, Let Earth Rejoice, The
  54. Mansion in Glory, A
  55. Many Years I Spent in Sin’s Dark Way
  56. Master Calls for Workers True, The
  57. Morning of My Life Past, The
  58. My Happy Soul Is Glory Bound
  59. My Lord Will Carry You Through!
  60. My Redeemer Gave His Life on Calvary
  61. My Savior Came into My Soul
  62. My Savior Found Me
  63. My Savior Has Gone to Prepare for Me
  64. My Savior Has Washed Me as White as the Snow
  65. My Service Here Below, Dear Lord
  66. No Matter How Dreary or Rugged the Way
  67. Now the Fight Is Raging
  68. Often I Away Have Turned
  69. Oh, Let Me Hide in Thee
  70. On the Sea of Life
  71. Over Yonder By the River
  72. Rejoice and Sing unto the Lord
  73. Savior Divine, I Come to Thee
  74. Savior Stands Outside the Door, The
  75. See the Evil Host Before Us
  76. See the Evil Hosts of Sin Assailing
  77. Sin Is the Cause of It All
  78. Since Jesus Came into My Life
  79. Sinner, Come Now While You May
  80. Some Day
  81. Somewhere in the Land of Love
  82. Songs of Gladness Bringing a Message of Love
  83. Soon the Toils of Life Will Cease
  84. Soon We’ll Lay Our Armor Down
  85. There Is a Home in Heaven
  86. There Is a Land of Pure Delight
  87. There Is Life and Peace for Your Weary Soul
  88. There Will Be a Brighter Day
  89. There’s a City of Gladness
  90. There’s a Guiding Star
  91. There’s a Land of Joy Eternal
  92. There’s Only One Way to Reach Heaven
  93. Though I’m Deserted and Friendless Below
  94. Though This Life Be Filled with Care
  95. ’Tis One Eternal Day
  96. To View Thy Cross, Dear Savior
  97. Trusting Jesus Every Moment
  98. ’Twill Be Glory Over There
  99. We Are Loyal Soldiers Marching to the Fight
  100. What a Wonderful Love
  101. What a Wonderful Love Our Redeemer Has Shown
  102. What Have You Done in the Master’s Dear Name?
  103. When Jesus Comes
  104. When the World Was Deep in Sin
  105. When Thinking of My Savior Dear
  106. When We Meet in Heaven Above
  107. Who Will Volunteer Today?
  108. Whole World Needs Jesus, The
  109. Why Do You Longer the Savior Refuse?
  110. Wonderful Story of Jesus Who Came
  111. Years I Spent in Sin’s Dark Valley
  1. My Anchor Holds

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