Jan­u­a­ry 3, 1773, At­tle­bo­rough, War­wick­shire, Eng­land.

Jan­u­a­ry 27, 1844, Man­ches­ter, Eng­land.

Rus­holme Road Ce­me­te­ry, Man­ches­ter, Eng­land. Note: Bur­i­als at this ce­me­te­ry, a Dis­sent­ers’ bur­i­al ground, stopped in 1933. The lo­ca­tion was con­vert­ed to a park, now known as Gart­side Gar­dens.

William was the son of John Gads­by and Mar­tha Lin­gard.

In 1793, he joined the Bap­tist Church at Co­ven­try, and in 1798 be­gan to preach. In 1800, a cha­pel was built for him at Des­ford, Lei­ces­ter­shire, and two years lat­er an­oth­er in the town of Hinck­ley.

In 1805, he moved to Man­ches­ter, b­ecom­ing min­is­ter of a cha­pel in Roch­dale Road, where he con­tin­ued un­til his death. His works in­clude:

  1. Again, Dear Lord, We Would Be Fed
  2. All Flesh Is Grass, How­ev­er Great or High
  3. Almighty God, to Thee We Cry
  4. Although the Fig Tree nor the Vine Should Bear
  5. Another Saved Sin­ner’s Gone
  6. Another Year Is Gone
  7. At the Birth of Christ Our King
  8. Before the Earth or Seas Were Made
  9. Beggar Vile and Base, I Come, A
  10. Behold a Scene of Match­less Grace
  11. Behold, with Won­der­ing Eyes
  12. Beloved of the Lord Most High
  13. Beloved, We Are Come
  14. Blessed Com­fort­er, Ap­pear
  15. Blessed Je­sus, Lord of All
  16. Blessed Time Will Come, The
  17. Body, the Church, Ev­er Stood, The
  18. Breaker Is Gone Forth in Love, The
  19. Brethren, by Bonds Which Can­not Break
  20. By Na­ture, No Man Can Be Just
  21. By Na­ture None of Ad­am’s Race
  22. By Un­ion to Our Head
  23. Called to See God’s Right­eous Law
  24. Carnal Mind Takes Dif­fer­ent Ways, The
  25. Charlotte Is Dead!
  26. Christ Is the Shep­herd of His Cho­sen Sheep
  27. Christians, Adore Your Three-One God
  28. Christians Are Brought to Know
  29. Christians, Praise Your God and King
  30. Christians, Re­joice and Sing
  31. Come, Me, My Dear Peo­ple
  32. Come, Thou Now Ex­alt­ed Sav­ior
  33. Come, Who­so­ev­er Will
  34. Come, Ye Mourn­ers, Sunk in Sad­ness
  35. Creatures Are but Vain at Best
  36. Dangerous Is the Path We Go
  37. Dear Fa­ther, Hear Thy Mourn­ing Child­ren’s Cry
  38. Dear Fa­ther, Make Thy Match­less Won­ders Known
  39. Dear Fa­ther, Make Thy Won­ders Known
  40. Dear Lord For­bid That We Should Boast
  41. Death Has His Mill­ions Slain
  42. Death Is the Con­se­quence of Sin
  43. Election Is a Truth Di­vine
  44. Fair Daugh­ter of the King of Kings
  45. Faith, ’Tis a Grace Di­vine
  46. Family of God Must Be, The
  47. Father, in Eter­nal Love, The
  48. For Ev­er, Amen, the Glo­ry Is Thine
  49. For Ev­er Bless­ed Be
  50. Fountain of Bliss and Bless­ed­ness
  51. Free Grace Is the Joy of My Heart
  52. Free Grace Is the Theme of My Song
  53. From All the Bust­ling Scenes of Live
  54. From All the Claims of Si­nai’s Law
  55. Give Us This Day Our Dai­ly Bread
  56. Glory to God for His Elect­ing Love
  57. God Is a Fa­ther, Just and Wise
  58. God Is a Spir­it, Just and Wise
  59. God Is an Aw­ful God
  60. God Reigns, and Will De­fend His Saints
  61. God’s Saints Are One in Christ Their Head
  62. Gospel Brings Tid­ings, The
  63. Gospel Is Good News, In­deed, The
  64. Gospel’s Law of the Lamb, The
  65. Grace Taught Our Friends to Know
  66. Great God! Thy King­dom Come
  67. Great God, to Thee We Come
  68. Great God, We Know Thy Ways Are Just
  69. Great God, Whose Un­i­ver­sal Pow­er
  70. Handforth Is Dead—But Still Lives in the Lord!
  71. Heirs of Pro­mise, Bless­ed Na­tion
  72. Helpless Worm Am I, A
  73. High Be­yond Imag­in­a­tion
  74. Holy Ghost, We Look to Thee
  75. How Blest Is the Man That in Jesus Be­lieves
  76. How Con­des­cend­ing and How Wise
  77. How Sweet and Pre­cious Is the Name
  78. How Vain Is All the World
  79. I’ll Speak Forth the Love of My Lord
  80. Immortal Hon­ors Rest on Je­sus’ Head
  81. In An­cient Set­tle­ments
  82. In Christ Our Liv­ing Head
  83. In Ev­ery Be­liev­er Two Ar­mies Are Seen
  84. In Ev­ery Sore and Deep Dis­tress
  85. In Me­sech We Dwell
  86. Is Je­sus Mine?
  87. Is Je­sus My Sav­ior?
  88. Is Thy Poor Heart with Sor­row Prest?
  89. Jehovah Is My Sin
  90. Jehovah God! Eter­nal Lord Most High!
  91. Jehovah, God! Thou Bless­ed Three-in-One!
  92. Jehovah the Sav­ior Ap­pears
  93. Jesus Christ, the Sin­ner’s Friend
  94. Jesus Is a Migh­ty Sav­ior
  95. Jesus Is My Great High Priest
  96. Jesus Is the King of Kings
  97. Jesus Is the One Thing Need­ful
  98. Jesus Is the Way to God
  99. Jesus Lived, and Loved, and Died
  100. Jesus, Our Ex­alt­ed Sav­ior
  101. Jesus Our Heav’n­ly War­rior Is
  102. Jesus Our Lord and King
  103. Jesus, Teach Us to Adore Thee
  104. Jesus the Au­thor Is
  105. Jesus the Lord, En­throned on High
  106. Jesus the Lord Is Born
  107. Jesus the Lord Is King
  108. Jesus the Lord, My Sav­ior Is
  109. Jesus, Thou Art Our On­ly Rest
  110. Jesus, Thou Friend of Sin­ners, Hear
  111. Jesus, We Thy Name Adore
  112. Just by Faith Shall Live
  113. Kingdoms of Na­ture and Grace, The
  114. Large Are the Bless­ings of Thy Grace
  115. Law of the Lord Is Per­fect and Good, The
  116. Lead Us Not in­to Temp­ta­tion
  117. Let Chris­tians Praise the Lord of Heav’n and Earth
  118. Let Saints Lift Up Their Hearts
  119. Let Zi­on in Her Sov­er­eign Trust
  120. Limping Beg­gar, Clothed in Rags, A
  121. Lord, Bless Thy Ser­vant with True En­er­gy
  122. Lord, Bless Us with a Sol­emn Frame
  123. Lord, Direct Thy Own-Sent Ser­vant
  124. Lord Him­self Be with You All, The
  125. Lord, I Free­ly Would Con­fess
  126. Lord Je­ho­vah Is, The
  127. Lord Je­sus, Be Our Guide
  128. Lord, Lead Us Not in­to Temp­ta­tion’s Maze
  129. Lord, Let Me Feel the Unc­tion of Thy Love
  130. Lord My Sav­ior Is, The
  131. Lord of Thy Chos­en Few
  132. Lord on High His Love Pro­claims, The
  133. Lord Pro­claims His Name
  134. Lord the Right­eous Tries, The
  135. Lord, We Adore Thee
  136. Lord, We Adore Thy Name
  137. Lord, We Fain Would Walk in Love
  138. Lord! What a Rest­less Wretch Am I
  139. Lord Will Feed the Poor, The
  140. Lord’s My Help­er and Sup­port, The
  141. Love of Christ Is Rich and Free
  142. Love of Christ to Sin­ners, The
  143. Matchless Savvior, We Adore Thee
  144. Mercy Speaks by Je­su’s Blood
  145. ’Midst All the Chang­ing Scenes of Time
  146. Mighty King, Thy Pow­er Dis­play
  147. Mighty to Save Is Christ the Lamb
  148. My Soul, Pro­claim the Lord Thy Right­eou­sness
  149. My Soul, Re­joice and Sing
  150. My Soul Shall with Won­der Pro­claim
  151. My Soul with Ho­ly Won­der Views
  152. New Man and the Old, The
  153. Now for a Song of Praise
  154. O Death, How Aw­ful Is Thy Sway
  155. O Death! Thou Ghast­ly Dis­mal Foe
  156. O My Soul, Ad­mire and Won­der
  157. O My Soul, with Won­der Tell
  158. O the Match­less Love of God
  159. O Thou Bless­ed Tri­une Je­ho­vah
  160. O Thou Love­ly, Lov­ing Sav­ior
  161. O Thou Migh­ty God and Sav­ior
  162. O What a Heav’n­ly War­ri­or’s Christ
  163. O What Match­less Con­des­cen­sion
  164. Of One Lord We Sing
  165. Once More, Dear God of Grace
  166. Once More, Like Child­ren, We Are Come
  167. Our Fa­ther, by Cre­a­tion
  168. Our Fat­her Is in Hea­ven
  169. Path That Chris­tians Tread, The
  170. Pause, My Soul!
  171. Peculiar Are the Saints
  172. Physician, I Learn, A
  173. Poor Bruised Sin­ner, Sink Not in Des­pair
  174. Poor Bur­dened Sin­ner, Sunk in De­spond’s Slough
  175. Poor Fear­ful Saint, Be Not Dis­mayed
  176. Poor Sin­ner De­ject­ed with Fear
  177. Poor Sin­ners Sunk in Deep Dis­tress
  178. Poor Sin­ners Sunk in Sin’s Tre­men­dous Cell
  179. Power Is Thine, Thou Great I AM
  180. Praise God, Ye Saints
  181. Precious Je­sus! Friend of Sin­ners!
  182. Precious Je­sus, Here We Are
  183. Precious Je­sus, Must It Be?
  184. Precious Je­sus, We Adore Thee
  185. Princess Char­lotte Is Gone
  186. Ransomed of the Lord, The
  187. Real Friend of God, A
  188. Rejoice, and Let Christ Be Thy Song
  189. Rejoice, Ye Saints, Re­joice
  190. Return to Thy Rest, My Soul, and Re­joice
  191. Sabbath Was a Day of Rest
  192. Salvation! O My Soul Re­joice
  193. Saved, and Saved Alone by Grace
  194. See What Glo­ry Now Sur­rounds Us
  195. Shepherd of Is­ra­el, Guide My Way
  196. Sin Has a Thou­sand Pleas­ing Charms
  197. Sing Vic­to­ry
  198. Sinners Called by Grace
  199. Sinners Who on Je­sus Rest
  200. Sweet Je­sus, How Great Is Thy Love
  201. Sweet the Name of Christ Must Be
  202. Thanks Be to My Head
  203. There Are a Spe­cial Fa­vored Few
  204. There Is an Ov­er-Rul­ing Pro­vi­dence
  205. There’s There­fore Now No Con­dem­na­tion Rests
  206. This Day Be­gins An­oth­er Year
  207. Thou Art a Par­don­ing God
  208. Thou Sac­red One-in-Three
  209. Though We Walk Through This Wil­der­ness
  210. Thrice Hap­py Are the Men
  211. Thy Name, Great God and Fa­ther
  212. Thy Will Be Done in Earth as Done in Heav’n
  213. Time Swift as Light­ning Flies
  214. ’Tis Je­sus, and Je­sus Alone
  215. Tribe of Gad Re­pair, The
  216. Triune Je­ho­vah We Praise, The
  217. Truly That Poor Soul Is Just
  218. Truth and Mer­cy Meet To­ge­ther
  219. Tuned with Love Di­vine
  220. United to Je­sus, the Vine
  221. Wage of Sin Is Death
  222. Watch, Watch and Be So­ber
  223. We Adore the Lord the Lamb
  224. We Bless the Lord Our God
  225. We Bless the Tri­une God
  226. What a Di­vine Har­mo­ni­ous Sound
  227. What a Pre­cious Need­ful Thing
  228. What Fool­ish Worms Are We
  229. What Is This My Eyes Be­hold?
  230. What Joy­ful News the Gos­pel Is
  231. What! Must the Chris­tian Draw
  232. What Sol­emn Tid­ings Reach My Ears
  233. What Then, Shall Chris­tians Sin?
  234. When Faith to Si­nai Looks
  235. When Foes With­in, and Foes With­out
  236. When Je­sus Calls His Saints
  237. When My Dear Je­sus Hides His Smil­ing Face
  238. When Pro­claims His Name
  239. When Jes­se’s Young Son Was Hon­ored of God
  240. When Ruth A-Glean­ing Went
  241. When Saints To­ge­ther Meet
  242. When Shall the Hap­py Mo­ment Come?
  243. Where Must a Sin­ner Fly?
  244. While Je­sus Whis­pers Peace
  245. Who Shall or Can the Lord’s Con­demn?
  246. Whoever in Je­sus Be­lieves
  247. Whom the Lord Je­ho­vah Loves
  248. Why Should a Pil­grim Grope With­in
  249. With Great and Aw­ful Pow­er
  250. With Won­der and with Love
  251. Within These Walls, Dear Lord
  252. Work of Christ I Sing, The
  253. Works of God Pro­claim, The
  254. Would You See a Sin­ner Poor
  255. Ye Child­ren of the Lord
  256. Ye Fa­mi­ly of God
  257. Ye Fam­ish­ing, Nak­ed, and Poor
  258. Ye Hun­gry, Faint­ing, Starv­ing Poor
  259. Ye Saints of the Lord, Re­joice in Your King
  260. Ye Ser­vants of the Lord
  261. Ye Sons of God, Be Wise
  262. Ye Souls Re­deemed with Blood
  263. Ye Souls Re­deemed with Je­su’s Blood
  264. Ye Souls Re­deemed with Je­su’s Pre­cious Blood