January 3, 1773, Attleborough, Warwickshire, England.

January 27, 1844, Manchester, England.

Rusholme Road Cemetery, Manchester, England. Note: Burials at this cemetery, a Dissenters’ burial ground, stopped in 1933. The location was converted to a park, now known as Gartside Gardens.

Gatsby’s parents were John Gadsby and Martha Lingard. In 1793, he joined the Baptist Church at Coventry, and in 1798 began to preach. In 1800, a chapel was built for him at Desford, Leicestershire, and two years later another in the town of Hinckley. In 1805, he moved to Manchester, becoming minister of a chapel in Rochdale Road, where he continued until his death. His works include:

  1. Again, Dear Lord, We Would Be Fed
  2. All Flesh Is Grass, However Great or High
  3. Almighty God, to Thee We Cry
  4. Although the Fig Tree Nor the Vine Should Bear
  5. Another Saved Sinner’s Gone
  6. Another Year Is Gone
  7. At the Birth of Christ Our King
  8. Before the Earth or Seas Were Made
  9. Beggar Vile and Base, I Come, A
  10. Behold a Scene of Matchless Grace
  11. Behold, with Wondering Eyes
  12. Beloved of the Lord Most High
  13. Beloved, We Are Come
  14. Blessed Comforter, Appear
  15. Blessed Jesus, Lord of All
  16. Blessed Time Will Come, The
  17. Body, the Church, Ever Stood, The
  18. Breaker Is Gone Forth in Love, The
  19. Brethren, by Bonds Which Cannot Break
  20. By Nature, No Man Can Be Just
  21. By Nature None of Adam’s Race
  22. By Union to Our Head
  23. Called to See God’s Righteous Law
  24. Carnal Mind Takes Different Ways, The
  25. Charlotte Is Dead!
  26. Christ Is the Shepherd of His Chosen Sheep
  27. Christians, Adore Your Three-One God
  28. Christians Are Brought to Know
  29. Christians, Praise Your God and King
  30. Christians, Rejoice and Sing
  31. Come, Me, My Dear People
  32. Come, Thou Now Exalted Savior
  33. Come, Whosoever Will
  34. Come, Ye Mourners, Sunk in Sadness
  35. Creatures Are but Vain at Best
  36. Dangerous Is the Path We Go
  37. Dear Father, Hear Thy Mourning Children’s Cry
  38. Dear Father, Make Thy Matchless Wonders Known
  39. Dear Father, Make Thy Wonders Known
  40. Dear Lord Forbid That We Should Boast
  41. Death Has His Millions Slain
  42. Death Is the Consequence of Sin
  43. Election Is a Truth Divine
  44. Fair Daughter of the King of Kings
  45. Faith, ’Tis a Grace Divine
  46. Family of God Must Be, The
  47. Father, in Eternal Love, The
  48. For Ever, Amen, the Glory Is Thine
  49. For Ever Blessed Be
  50. Fountain of Bliss and Blessedness
  51. Free Grace Is the Joy of My Heart
  52. Free Grace Is the Theme of My Song
  53. From All the Bustling Scenes of Live
  54. From All the Claims of Sinai’s Law
  55. Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
  56. Glory to God for His Electing Love
  57. God Is a Father, Just and Wise
  58. God Is a Spirit, Just and Wise
  59. God Is an Awful God
  60. God Reigns, and Will Defend His Saints
  61. God’s Saints Are One in Christ Their Head
  62. Gospel Brings Tidings, The
  63. Gospel Is Good News, Indeed, The
  64. Gospel’s Law of the Lamb, The
  65. Grace Taught Our Friends to Know
  66. Great God! Thy Kingdom Come
  67. Great God, to Thee We Come
  68. Great God, We Know Thy Ways Are Just
  69. Great God, Whose Universal Power
  70. Handforth Is Dead—But Still Lives in the Lord!
  71. Heirs of Promise, Blessed Nation
  72. Helpless Worm Am I, A
  73. High Beyond Imagination
  74. Holy Ghost, We Look to Thee
  75. How Blest Is the Man That in Jesus Believes
  76. How Condescending and How Wise
  77. How Sweet and Precious Is the Name
  78. How Vain Is All the World
  79. I’ll Speak Forth the Love of My Lord
  80. Immortal Honors Rest on Jesus’ Head
  81. In Ancient Settlements
  82. In Christ Our Living Head
  83. In Every Believer Two Armies Are Seen
  84. In Every Sore and Deep Distress
  85. In Mesech We Dwell
  86. Is Jesus Mine?
  87. Is Jesus My Savior
  88. Is Thy Poor Heart with Sorrow Prest?
  89. Jehovah Is My Sin
  90. Jehovah God! Eternal Lord Most High!
  91. Jehovah, God! Thou Blessed Three-in-One!
  92. Jehovah the Savior Appears
  93. Jesus Christ, the Sinner’s Friend
  94. Jesus Is a Mighty Savior
  95. Jesus Is My Great High Priest
  96. Jesus Is the King of Kings
  97. Jesus Is the One Thing Needful
  98. Jesus Is the Way to God
  99. Jesus Lived, and Loved, and Died
  100. Jesus, Our Exalted Savior
  101. Jesus Our Heav’nly Warrior Is
  102. Jesus Our Lord and King
  103. Jesus, Teach Us to Adore Thee
  104. Jesus the Author Is
  105. Jesus the Lord, Enthroned on High
  106. Jesus the Lord Is Born
  107. Jesus the Lord Is King
  108. Jesus the Lord, My Savior Is
  109. Jesus, Thou Art Our Only Rest
  110. Jesus, Thou Friend of Sinners, Hear
  111. Jesus, We Thy Name Adore
  112. Just by Faith Shall Live
  113. Kingdoms of Nature and Grace, The
  114. Large Are the Blessings of Thy Grace
  115. Law of the Lord Is Perfect and Good, The
  116. Lead Us Not into Temptation
  117. Let Christians Praise the Lord of Heav’n and Earth
  118. Let Saints Lift Up Their Hearts
  119. Let Zion in Her Sovereign Trust
  120. Limping Beggar, Clothed in Rags, A
  121. Lord, Bless Thy Servant with True Energy
  122. Lord, Bless Us with a Solemn Frame
  123. Lord, Direct Thy Own-Sent Servant
  124. Lord Himself Be with You All, The
  125. Lord, I Freely Would Confess
  126. Lord Jehovah Is, The
  127. Lord Jesus, Be Our Guide
  128. Lord, Lead Us Not into Temptation’s Maze
  129. Lord, Let Me Feel the Unction of Thy Love
  130. Lord My Savior Is, The
  131. Lord of Thy Chosen Few
  132. Lord on High His Love Proclaims, The
  133. Lord Proclaims His Name
  134. Lord the Righteous Tries, The
  135. Lord, We Adore Thee
  136. Lord, We Adore Thy Name
  137. Lord, We Fain Would Walk in Love
  138. Lord! What a Restless Wretch Am I
  139. Lord Will Feed the Poor, The
  140. Lord’s My Helper and Support, The
  141. Love of Christ Is Rich and Free
  142. Love of Christ to Sinners, The
  143. Matchless Savior, We Adore Thee
  144. Mercy Speaks by Jesu’s Blood
  145. ’Midst All the Changing Scenes of Time
  146. Mighty King, Thy Power Display
  147. Mighty to Save Is Christ the Lamb
  148. My Soul, Proclaim the Lord Thy Righteousness
  149. My Soul, Rejoice and Sing
  150. My Soul Shall with Wonder Proclaim
  151. My Soul with Holy Wonder Views
  152. New Man and the Old, The
  153. Now for a Song of Praise
  154. O Death, How Awful Is Thy Sway
  155. O Death! Thou Ghastly Dismal Foe
  156. O My Soul, Admire and Wonder
  157. O My Soul, with Wonder Tell
  158. O the Matchless Love of God
  159. O Thou Blessed Triune Jehovah
  160. O Thou Lovely, Loving Savior
  161. O Thou Mighty God and Savior
  162. O What a Heav’nly Warrior’s Christ
  163. O What Matchless Condescension
  164. Of One Lord We Sing
  165. Once More, Dear God of Grace
  166. Once More, Like Children, We Are Come
  167. Our Father, by Creation
  168. Our Father Is in Heaven
  169. Path That Christians Tread, The
  170. Pause, My Soul!
  171. Peculiar Are the Saints
  172. Physician, I Learn, A
  173. Poor Bruised Sinner, Sink Not in Despair
  174. Poor Burdened Sinner, Sunk in Despond’s Slough
  175. Poor Fearful Saint, Be Not Dismayed
  176. Poor Sinner Dejected with Fear
  177. Poor Sinners Sunk in Deep Distress
  178. Poor Sinners Sunk in Sin’s Tremendous Cell
  179. Power Is Thine, Thou Great I AM
  180. Praise God, Ye Saints
  181. Precious Jesus! Friend of Sinners!
  182. Precious Jesus, Here We Are
  183. Precious Jesus, Must It Be?
  184. Precious Jesus, We Adore Thee
  185. Princess Charlotte Is Gone
  186. Ransomed of the Lord, The
  187. Real Friend of God, A
  188. Rejoice, and Let Christ Be Thy Song
  189. Rejoice, Ye Saints, Rejoice
  190. Return to Thy Rest, My Soul, and Rejoice
  191. Sabbath Was a Day of Rest
  192. Salvation! O My Soul Rejoice
  193. Saved, and Saved Alone by Grace
  194. See What Glory Now Surrounds Us
  195. Shepherd of Israel, Guide My Way
  196. Sin Has a Thousand Pleasing Charms
  197. Sing Victory, Sing Victory
  198. Sinners Called by Grace
  199. Sinners Who on Jesus Rest
  200. Sweet Jesus, How Great Is Thy Love
  201. Sweet the Name of Christ Must Be
  202. Thanks Be to My Head
  203. There Are a Special Favored Few
  204. There Is an Over-Ruling Providence
  205. There’s Therefore Now No Condemnation Rests
  206. This Day Begins Another Year
  207. Thou Art a Pardoning God
  208. Thou Sacred One-in-Three
  209. Though We Walk Through This Wilderness
  210. Thrice Happy Are the Men
  211. Thy Name, Great God and Father
  212. Thy Will Be Done in Earth as Done in Heav’n
  213. Time Swift as Lightning Flies
  214. ’Tis Jesus, and Jesus Alone
  215. Tribe of Gad Repair, The
  216. Triune Jehovah We Praise, The
  217. Truly That Poor Soul Is Just
  218. Truth and Mercy Meet Together
  219. Tuned with Love Divine
  220. United to Jesus, the Vine
  221. Wage of Sin Is Death
  222. Watch, Watch and Be Sober
  223. We Adore the Lord the Lamb
  224. We Bless the Lord Our God
  225. We Bless the Triune God
  226. What a Divine Harmonious Sound
  227. What a Precious Needful Thing
  228. What Foolish Worms Are We
  229. What Is This My Eyes Behold?
  230. What Joyful News the Gospel Is
  231. What! Must the Christian Draw
  232. What Solemn Tidings Reach My Ears
  233. What Then, Shall Christians Sin?
  234. When Faith to Sinai Looks
  235. When Foes Within, and Foes Without
  236. When Jesus Calls His Saints
  237. When My Dear Jesus Hides His Smiling Face
  238. When Proclaims His Name
  239. When Jesse’s Young Son Was Honored of God
  240. When Ruth A Gleaning Went
  241. When Saints Together Meet
  242. When Shall the Happy Moment Come?
  243. Where Must a Sinner Fly?
  244. While Jesus Whispers Peace
  245. Who Shall or Can the Lord’s Condemn?
  246. Whoever in Jesus Believes
  247. Whom the Lord Jehovah Loves
  248. Why Should a Pilgrim Grope Within
  249. With Great and Awful Power
  250. With Wonder and with Love
  251. Within These Walls, Dear Lord
  252. Work of Christ I Sing, The
  253. Works of God Proclaim, The
  254. Would You See a Sinner Poor
  255. Ye Children of the Lord
  256. Ye Family of God
  257. Ye Famishing, Naked, and Poor
  258. Ye Hungry, Fainting, Starving Poor
  259. Ye Saints of the Lord, Rejoice in Your King
  260. Ye Servants of the Lord
  261. Ye Sons of God, Be Wise
  262. Ye Souls Redeemed with Blood
  263. Ye Souls Redeemed with Jesu’s Blood
  264. Ye Souls Redeemed with Jesu’s Precious Blood

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