Late 19th Century
  1. Come, Come to the Savior
  2. Go to the Fields of the Master
  3. Golden Moments Still Are Passing
  4. Hear the Savior Calling
  5. Heavenly Father I Would Be
  6. Holy Sabbath, Day of Rest
  7. Little Children, Have You Heard?
  8. Little Feet May Find the Pathway
  9. Little Soldiers Are You
  10. Lovingly the Blessed Savior
  11. One Day Nearer
  12. Savior, Bless Thy Little Children
  13. Savior Dear Is at the Door, The
  14. Savior, Hear My Feeble Prayer
  15. Shall We Know our Loved Ones?
  16. There Is a Home, a Happy Home
  17. There Is a Land Beyond the Skies
  18. Victory, Yes, Victory