April 20, 1802, Boston, Massachusetts.

January 30, 1896, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

William was the son of William Furness and Rebecca Thwing, and husband of Annis Pulling Jenks.

He graduated from Harvard University in Arts and Theology, 1820. He served as pastor at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for 50 years, and as pastor emeritus for 21 more. He was an accomplished scholar, and actively worked on reforms of various kinds. His works include:

  1. Ah, This Life Is Full of Danger
  2. Blessing on Thee, Gracious Lord
  3. Father in Heaven, to Thee My Heart
  4. Feeble, Helpless, How Shall I?
  5. Hail to Thee, Thou Hebrew Youth
  6. Have Mercy, O Father
  7. Here in a World of Doubt
  8. Here in the Broken Bread
  9. Here in Thy Temple, Lord, We Bow
  10. Holy Father, Gracious Art Thou
  11. I Feel Within a Want
  12. In the Morning I Will Raise
  13. Keep My Feet from Hideous Snares
  14. O for a Prophet’s Fire
  15. O How Far Are We Below Him
  16. O Is There Aught on Earth to Share
  17. O Mingle with the Widow’s Tears
  18. Richly, O Richly Have I Been
  19. She Is Not Dead, but Sleepeth
  20. Slowly, by God’s Hand Unfurled
  21. Slowly o’er the Sleeping World
  22. That God Is Love, Unchanging Love
  23. That One So Rich in Promise
  24. Thou Who Dost All Things Give
  25. To the High and Holy One
  26. To the Truth That Makes Us Free
  27. Unworthy to Be Called Thy Son
  28. What Is This? And Whither, Whence
  29. What Is This That Stirs Within?