Late 19th Century

Funk was the hus­band of song writ­er Mrs. B. B. Funk.

As of 1890, he had a mu­sic pub­lish­ing bu­si­ness in Ath­ens, Mi­chi­gan.

His works in­clude:

  1. Christian’s Rest
  2. He’s Com­ing
  3. Marching to the Beau­ti­ful Ci­ty of God
  4. Only Je­sus for My Soul
  5. Only Wait­ing
  6. Prodigal Child, Come Home
  1. Alas! And Did My Sav­ior Bleed!
  2. Almost Home
  3. At Rest
  4. Bas-Rhin
  5. Be with Us, Bless­èd Lord
  6. Belfort
  7. Believe on Him
  8. Bodensee
  9. Celestial Song
  10. Come, My Sav­ior, Just Now
  11. Come un­to Me
  12. Fade, Fade, Each Earth­ly Joy
  13. Farewell
  14. Follow Me
  15. Gering
  16. Go and Tell Je­sus
  17. Gospel Ship, The
  18. Hallelujah! Hal­le­lu­jah!
  19. Help Me, Dear Sav­ior
  20. Hold Up the Light
  21. Home at Last
  22. Home of the Soul
  23. I Am Com­ing Now
  24. I Am Rest­ing in the Lord
  25. I Heard the Voice of Je­sus
  26. I Lay My Sins on Je­sus
  27. I Need Thee, Pre­cious Je­sus
  28. I Would Love Thee
  29. I Will Cling to the Rock
  30. I Will Go to Je­sus
  31. I Will Trust in the Lord
  32. I Will Work for Je­sus
  33. I’m Happy All the Day
  34. In the Land Where There’s No Night
  35. In Zi­on’s Ci­ty
  36. Jesus, Lov­er of My Soul
  37. Jesus Saves Me
  38. Lamb of God
  39. Lamb of God, Who Died for Me
  40. Lead Me to Thee
  41. Klaipėda
  42. Maroon Bells
  43. My Mo­ther’s Bi­ble
  44. No Friend Like Je­sus
  45. Nogales
  46. Not Half Was Told
  47. O! How Sweet to Trust in the Lord
  48. O Turn Ye
  49. Only a Step to the Sav­ior
  50. Over There
  51. Peace, Be Still
  52. Peace Like a Ri­ver
  53. Resting in the Cru­ci­fied
  54. Savior, Lead Me On
  55. Sometime
  56. Teach Us Thy Will
  57. There Shall the Right­eous Shine
  58. Thy Will Be Done
  59. Waiting for Thee
  60. Word of Life, The
  61. Working for Je­sus
  62. Worthy Is the Lamb