September 2, 1887, Arkadelphia, Alabama.

July 31, 1963, Kings County, California.

Bluford was the son of Daniel Fulmer and Rebecca Tucker.

  1. As I Travel Through the Valley
  2. As You Travel Here Below
  3. As You Tread the Vale of Shadows
  4. Be Not Discouraged
  5. Belshazzar in His Pride
  6. Christ Will Soon Appear
  7. Few Things I Here Can Treasure
  8. Fond Memory Takes Me Back Today
  9. I Am Traveling on in the Saints’ Bright
  10. I Don’t Have Long to Stay
  11. I Have Worshipped at Many Altars
  12. I Once Had a Precious Mother
  13. I Once Was in Old Egypt to Satan
  14. I Rejoice Within My Heart
  15. I Will Never Lonely Be
  16. If You Are Not Happy in the Lord Today
  17. If You Do Not Trust the Savior
  18. If You Leave for Heaven and Arrive
  19. I’m a Lonely Pilgrim in a World of Care
  20. I’m Content to Travel on With
  21. Jesus Lifted Me
  22. My Happy Soul Is Singing
  23. My Heavenly Home Is Now in View
  24. Oft I Think of Friends and Loved Ones
  25. Oft I’m Lonesome and Blue
  26. Oft We Forget to Give a Flower
  27. Oft We Wonder Why the Heartaches
  28. Press Along Ye Wayworn Pilgrim
  29. She Has Gone Home
  30. Soon the Lord Will Call
  31. Standing at the Jordan
  32. There Is a Road That’s Straight and Narrow
  33. There Will Be a Happy Jubilee
  34. There’s a Bright and Happy Land
  35. There’s a Mighty Gospel Train
  36. This World Is Not My Resting Place
  37. Trouble and Sorrow Will Be O’er
  38. Turn Your Radio Today on God’s
  39. We Are Pilgrims Marching to Glory
  40. We Are Told About a River
  41. We Are Told About a Time
  42. What a Day of Great Rejoicing
  43. When I Reach the Heavenly Country
  44. When Jesus Came From Heaven
  45. When My Soul Was Lost in Darkness
  46. When My Soul Was Lost in Sin
  47. When Shall End This Earthly Life?
  48. When Some Morning Bright and Fair
  49. When the Lord Descends From Heaven
  50. When We Hear the Savior’s Summons
  51. While Living Here Below
  52. While Traveling Through This World of Sorrow
  53. Won’t That Be a Happy Day When the Saints
  1. Good-Bye