Oc­to­ber 20, 1842, Sunne, Värmland, Sweden (birth name: Nils Larsson).

March 30, 1911, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Lakewood Ce­me­te­ry, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Nils took the name Frykman after the region where he grew up, Fryksdalen. In 1868, he graduated from teachers’ college in Karlstad, and went on to teach in Grums, Norrköping, and Sunne. He preached in the church in Sunne, and around that time began to write hymns.

Eventually, his texts were printed in the magazine San­nings­vit­tnet. However, Fryk­man’s work was not sanctioned by Sweden’s state church, and almost led to the loss of his job as a teacher. Eventually he did resign his position over a controversy about his children’s baptism by an independent preacher.

In 1888, he was called to serve as pastor in the Tabernacle Church in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois, and later in Salem, Minnesota. After 18 years, he retired to Minneapolis.

He also served in the Northwest Mission Association of the Covenant Church, as denominational vice-chairman, Ministerial Board chairman, the Northwest Ministerial Association chairman, and as chairman of the com­mit­tee to publish the Swed­ish-American Covenant church’s first hymnal in 1906. His works in­clude:

  1. Det är en härligting
    • How Wonderful It Is
  2. Den Högsta Lycka
  3. Fröjdas Vart Sinne
  4. Gud, Min Gud och Fader Kär
    • God, My God, in Heaven Above
  5. Hem det går
    • How Beautiful, Serene and Grand
  6. Jag har en vän, som älskar mig
  7. Jag skulle ej sörja
  8. Jesus Dig Kallar
  9. I Sing with Joy and Gladness
  10. Min framtidsdag är ljus och lång
  11. Uti nödens timma
  12. ’Vår store Gud gör stora under
  13. Vem som helst kan bli frälst
    • Why Should I Be Anxious?