19th Century

Marian was apparently the wife of organist and composer Gideon Froelich.

  1. At Jesus’ Feet
  2. Bring on the Volunteers
  3. Cedars and the Pines, The
  4. Child of Bethlehem, The
  5. Christmas Morning
  6. Christmas Music
  7. Dare Ye to Stand?
  8. Day Is Breaking, The
  9. Easter After Calvary
  10. Happy Greetings Bringing
  11. Glorious Resurrection
  12. Glory to Bethlehem
  13. God of the Seasons
  14. Good Ship Zion, The
  15. Kings of the Orient
  16. Led, Safely Led
  17. Nature’s God, Creator Wise
  18. Old New Song, The
  19. Our Sabbath School
  20. Press On and Never Fear
  21. Safe, Savior, with Thee
  22. Sail Not Without the Master
  23. Send Out the Life-Lines
  24. Sing Hosanna
  25. Song of Christmas, The
  26. Sword of the Lord, The
  27. Upward, Ever Upward
  28. Victory, Victory Sing
  29. Water of Life, The
  30. Welcome Today
  31. What Little Ones Can Do