1784, Ips­wich, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Frisbie was ap­point­ed to the chair of Mor­al Phi­lo­so­phy at Cam­bridge, Mas­sa­chu­setts, in 1817.

  1. Are We Faith­ful Work­ers Day by Day
  2. Balm for the Way Worn, A
  3. Behold the Count­less Le­gions
  4. Christ Is Ris­en from the Grave
  5. Christ the King of the Ag­es
  6. Cleansing Blood Is All My Plea, The
  7. Drawing Near to the Port
  8. Falter Not, Chris­tian Sol­dier
  9. God Is Call­ing, Soft­ly and Gent­ly Call­ing
  10. Happy Day I’ll Not Re­gret, The
  11. Hark, Why This Great Com­mo­tion
  12. Have You Heard About a Meet­ing
  13. Hear the Trum­pet Sound­ing
  14. Hear Us, Our Fa­ther, While We Pray
  15. Host So Vast and Num­ber­less, A
  16. How Pre­cious the Pro­mis­es Made in God’s Word
  17. I Am Sure That I Shall Know Him
  18. I En­tered the Court of the Pal­ace
  19. I Love the Name of Je­sus, Sweetest of All
  20. I Now Can View That Ci­ty Fair
  21. I Want to Tell the World Around
  22. I’m on Bu­si­ness for Je­sus, My Lord and King
  23. In My Heart a Song Is Swell­ing Like a Migh­ty Sea
  24. In the Nar­row Path to the Gold­en
  25. In Thy Hands, My Lov­ing Sav­ior
  26. I’ve a Beau­ti­ful Home
  27. I’ve Left the Low­lands’ Sha­dows Deep
  28. Jerusalem, So Bright and Fair
  29. Jesus Has Launched the Life­boat
  30. Land Be­yond the Ri­ver, The
  31. Lift Up His Stand­ard, Roy­al Hon­ors Bring
  32. Like the Mighty Voice of Ma­ny Wa­ters
  33. Little Long­er, Wea­ry, A
  34. Never a Sor­row, a Grief or a Tear
  35. Never Say No, When the Mas­ter Calls
  36. Night Is Wild, and Cloud­land, The
  37. Night Is Long, the Storms, The
  38. Not Grace for To­mor­row
  39. O Hear the Sweet Voice of the Sav­ior
  40. O Thou, En­throned in Worlds Above
  41. Peace Bells Are Ring­ing, The
  42. Preach the Gos­pel of the King­dom
  43. Ringing, Joy­ful­ly Ring­ing the Golden Bells of Peace
  44. See the Ban­ner Un­furled
  45. See the Ga­ther­ing of the Na­tions
  46. Send the Light, O Bless­ed Sav­ior
  47. Since I Gave My­self to Je­sus, All My Life
  48. Some Day, Yes, Some Sweet Day
  49. Songs My Gen­tle Mo­ther Sang, The
  50. Soon There’ll Be a Glo­ri­ous Morn­ing
  51. Stranger Walked with Me One Day, A
  52. There Are Songs Sur­charged with Sor­row
  53. There Is a Port, So Bright
  54. There Is Room for All to La­bor
  55. There Is Some­one Out on the Waves To­night
  56. There Will Be No Night in the Gold­en Ci­ty
  57. There’ll Be Glo­ry Ov­er Yon­der by the Crys­tal Sea
  58. There’s a Call for Reap­ers in the Fields To­day
  59. There’s a Cross by the Way­side
  60. There’s a Crown in the Land
  61. There’s a Nar­row Way That Leads to God
  62. These Are the Songs the Ran­somed Sing
  63. These Ma­ny Days Mid Storm and Rain
  64. Though Not Ours to Move the World with Song
  65. To the Ut­ter­most, Ut­ter­most Won­der­ful Word
  66. Toiling Along the King’s High­way
  67. Waiting, Toil­ing, Glean­ing
  68. We Are Out on the Wide Stormy Ocean
  69. We Are Pil­grims Seek­ing a Ci­ty
  70. We Are Un­der March­ing Or­ders
  71. We On­ward Press Through This Vale of Tears
  72. We Stand Where Jor­dan’s Waves Di­vide
  73. We Would Not Seek, with God Our Friend
  74. Whatever Thou Do­est, O Man Yet Un­saved
  75. When by Faith I Saw My Sav­ior on the Cross of Cal­va­ry
  76. When the Lord of the Vine­yard Is Call­ing
  77. When the Roll Is Called in Hea­ven
  78. When We Finish All Our War­fare
  79. When You Pass Be­yond the Ri­ver
  80. When You Pass the Dear Old Home­stead
  81. Where the Choir Ce­les­ti­al Sweet­ly Sing
  82. While Na­ture We­lcomes in the Day
  83. Who Are These Ar­rayed in Robes?
  84. Why Should I Strive for Earth­ly Things
  85. Wondrously Saved by a Pow­er Di­vine
  86. Would You Make Your Joy Com­plete?
  87. Yes, Every Cloud Has a Sil­ver Side