1784, Ips­wich, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Frisbie was appointed to the chair of Moral Philosophy at Cam­bridge, Mas­sa­chu­setts, in 1817.

  1. Are We Faithful Workers Day by Day
  2. Balm for the Way Worn, A
  3. Behold the Countless Legions
  4. Christ Is Risen from the Grave
  5. Christ the King of the Ages
  6. Cleansing Blood Is All My Plea, The
  7. Drawing Near to the Port
  8. Falter Not, Christian Soldier
  9. God Is Calling, Softly and Gently Calling
  10. Happy Day I’ll Not Regret, The
  11. Hark, Why This Great Commotion
  12. Have You Heard About a Meeting
  13. Hear the Trumpet Sounding, Forward March
  14. Hear Us, Our Father, While We Pray
  15. Host So Vast and Numberless, A
  16. How Precious the Promises Made in God’s Word
  17. I Am Sure That I Shall Know Him
  18. I Entered the Court of the Palace
  19. I Love the Name of Jesus, Sweetest of All
  20. I Now Can View That City Fair
  21. I Want to Tell the World Around
  22. I’m on Business for Jesus, My Lord and King
  23. In My Heart a Song Is Swelling Like a Mighty Sea
  24. In the Narrow Path to the Golden
  25. In Thy Hands, My Loving Savior
  26. I’ve a Beautiful Home
  27. I’ve Left the Lowlands’ Shadows Deep
  28. Jerusalem, So Bright and Fair
  29. Jesus Has Launched the Lifeboat
  30. Land Beyond the River, The
  31. Lift Up His Standard, Royal Honors Bring
  32. Like the Mighty Voice of Many Waters
  33. Little Longer, Weary, A
  34. Never a Sorrow, a Grief or a Tear
  35. Never Say No, When the Master Calls
  36. Night Is Wild, and Cloudland, The
  37. Night Is Long, the Storms, The
  38. Not Grace for Tomorrow, Not Grace for to Die
  39. O Hear the Sweet Voice of the Savior
  40. O Thou, Enthroned in Worlds Above
  41. Peace Bells Are Ringing, The
  42. Preach the Gospel of the Kingdom
  43. Ringing, Joyfully Ringing the Golden Bells of Peace
  44. See the Banner Unfurled
  45. See the Gathering of the Nations
  46. Send the Light, O Blessed Savior
  47. Since I Gave Myself to Jesus, All My Life
  48. Some Day, Yes, Some Sweet Day
  49. Soon There’ll Be a Glorious Morning
  50. Stranger Walked with Me One Day, A
  51. The Songs My Gentle Mother Sang
  52. There Are Songs Surcharged with Sorrow
  53. There Is a Port, So Bright
  54. There Is Room for All to Labor
  55. There Is Someone Out on the Waves Tonight
  56. There Will Be No Night in the Golden City
  57. There’ll Be Glory over Yonder by the Crystal Sea
  58. There’s a Call for Reapers in the Fields Today
  59. There’s a Cross by the Wayside
  60. There’s a Crown in the Land
  61. There’s a Narrow Way That Leads to God
  62. These Are the Songs the Ransomed Sing
  63. These Many Days Mid Storm and Rain
  64. Though Not Ours to Move the World with Song
  65. To the Uttermost, Uttermost Wonderful Word
  66. Toiling Along the King’s Highway
  67. Waiting, Toiling, Gleaning
  68. We Are Out on the Wide Stormy Ocean
  69. We Are Pilgrims Seeking a City
  70. We Are Under Marching Orders, Against the Hosts of Sin
  71. We Onward Press Through This Vale of Tears
  72. We Stand Where Jordan’s Waves Divide
  73. We Would Not Seek, with God Our Friend
  74. Whatever Thou Doest, O Man Yet Unsaved
  75. When by Faith I Saw My Savior on the Cross of Calvary
  76. When the Lord of the Vineyard Is Calling
  77. When the Roll Is Called in Heaven
  78. When We Finish All Our Warfare
  79. When You Pass Beyond the River
  80. When You Pass the Dear Old Homestead
  81. Where the Choir Celestial Sweetly Sing
  82. While Nature Welcomes in the Day
  83. Who Are These Arrayed in Robes?
  84. Why Should I Strive for Earthly Things
  85. Wondrously Saved by a Power Divine
  86. Would You Make Your Joy Complete?
  87. Yes, Every Cloud Has a Silver Side