April 18, 1671, Weißenfels, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

April 1, 1718, Dresden, Germany.

Johann’s father was A. S. Freystein, vice-chancellor of Duke August of Saxony, and inspector of the Gymnasium at Weissenfels. At the University of Leipzig, Johann studied law, mathematics, philosophy and architecture. He lived for some time in Berlin and Halle, then went to Dresden as a lawyer’s assistant. After graduating LLD from Jena in 1695, he started his own practice in Dresden. In 1703, he became Rath at Gotha, but returned to Dresden in 1709 as Hof- und Justizrath. In 1713, he was appointed a member of the Board of Works.

  1. Mache dich, mein Geist, bereit
    • Have Thy Armor On, My Soul
    • O My Soul, with Prayers and Cries
    • Rise, My Soul, to Watch and Pray
    • Up, My Soul, Gird Thee with Power
    • Wake, My Soul, Wake Up from Sleep