19th Century
  1. Cling Clos­er to Je­sus
  2. All Our Loved Ones Are Pass­ing Away
  3. Bound to Ca­naan’s Land of Glo­ry
  4. By the Way­side as We Go
  5. Children of Je­sus, Be Stead­fast
  6. Christian Sol­dier, in­to Line
  7. Come Sing Me the Sto­ry
  8. Dear and Lov­ing Sav­ior
  9. Father of Mer­cies, Bless Our Cause
  10. Forward Press Thy Con­qu’ring Way
  11. Forward, Sol­diers, Storm the Ram­parts
  12. Gates of the Beau­ti­ful
  13. Gather, Ye Free­men All
  14. God Bless the Lit­tle Ones at Home
  15. God Speed the Day When All Man­kind
  16. Have You Ever Heard the Sto­ry?
  17. How Ma­ny a House­hold with Sad­ness
  18. I Dream To­night of Home So Bright
  19. Jesus Hears Each Word We Say
  20. Jesus, I Cling to Thee, Foun­tain of Life
  21. Jesus Leads Us All the Way!
  22. Jesus Lives, Awake the Strain
  23. Jesus, Migh­ty Prince of Glo­ry
  24. Jesus, Our Lord, in a Man­ger Was Born
  25. Jesus Rules and Reigns Above
  26. Journeying on to Ca­naan
  27. Land of Pro­mise, Ov­er Yon­der
  28. Leave Them Not, O Gent­le Sav­ior
  29. Little Child­ren One and All
  30. Long the World Has Slept Un­heed­ing
  31. Lord, Thou Hast Made Thy­self to Me
  32. Many a Lit­tle One Wan­ders
  33. Near the Cross of Je­sus
  34. Now We Wan­der Where the Sha­dows
  35. Now’s the Time, Be Up and Do­ing
  36. O Must We Leave the Old Home?
  37. Oh, the Old Folks Would Be Hap­py
  38. Only Thro’ Thee, Lord, We Gather
  39. Open Your Heart to Je­sus
  40. Our Boat Is Launched up­on the Tide
  41. Our Song Is Still of Je­sus
  42. Out From the Camp­fire’s Red Glow­ing
  43. Out the Sea ’Mid Stor­my Gales
  44. Over the Wa­ters of Life Now We Sail
  45. Reaping Time Comes When the Fields Are White
  46. Sailing o’er Life’s Ocean
  47. See Thy Sav­ior’s Gen­tle Face
  48. Shadow of a Migh­ty Rock!
  49. Slaves or Free­men
  50. Softly Down the Valvley
  51. Some Sweet Day
  52. Speak to the Child­ren, Tell Them in Song
  53. Standing on the Migh­ty Rock
  54. Sweetly Sing the Sto­ry Old­en
  55. Take Up Your Cross of Sorvrow
  56. There Is a Beau­ti­ful Sto­ry
  57. There Lies a Fair and Gold­en Land
  58. There’s a Tree Ever Bloom­ing and Fair
  59. They Are Com­ing to the Cross
  60. Tho’ We Grow Ev­er So Weary
  61. Thou Art Ev­er By Our Side
  62. ’Tis By the Aid of Je­sus
  63. ’Tis the Cross of Je­sus
  64. ’Tis the Glo­ri­ous Day of Days
  65. Up to the Ev­er­green Hills
  66. Upward or Down­ward, Which Shall It Be?
  67. Watch and Pray, Ye Know Not When Je­sus Comes
  68. We Are as Lambs With­out
  69. We Are Sol­diers in the Cause
  70. We Shall Reach the Gold­en Strand
  71. When You See a Fel­low Crea­ture
  72. Word of God, Thy Light Shall Guide Us
  73. Ye Like Lost Sheep That Have Wan­dered Astray
  74. Yes, ’Tis the Work of Je­sus
  75. Yield Not to the Temp­ter